Happy Pepero Day!

There is something amazing with the date today =)  11.11.11.  It may mean nothing to me and people from other countries but in South Korea today is Pepero Day.  Pepero is actually a stick type biscuit similar to Japan’s Pocky.

This is my favorite pepero variant

Pepero day I think is celebrated like Valentines in South Korea. The young ones and couples in particular exchange Pepero sticks since 4 sticks resemebles 11/11 or November 11.   While Lotte, the manufacturer of Pepero brand biscuit denies starting this holiday, the observance of Pepero Day  boosts their sales.  According to some stories, this started in 1994 in a middle school for girls in Busan.  They said, the girls exchanged Pepero sticks and wished they were tall and slender as Pepero sticks.

I really love this biscuit.  Good thing it’s available in the Philippines.  The ones covered with chocolate and almond is my super favorite.

여러분 해피 뻬뻬로 데이!