Reflections and Answers

After nearly two months of hiatus i realized that there are hundreds of people reading my blog and there are questions left unanswered.  I personally get frustrated when I don’t get answers to questions so i know how it feels to be waiting for one.  I am actually inspired with all the encouragements I get from reader’s messages so i already registered this domain which means i really had to renew my dedication towards learning this language.  However, I would like to apologize to those who requests for email correspondences, I may not be able to return emails one on one as I have a day job.

A lot of visitors requests for translations of names.  Just to clarify, I only write names in Hangul and never translate any name to Korean.  Unless your name is a common noun then chances are I can provide the Korean counterpart; like if your name is Rain then 비 (bi) is the Korean for this word.  It’s totally different when you write it straightforward as Rain which is 레인 (Rein).   So I hope readers would understand this, if you want to get a Korean name you need to have someone, a Korean native perhaps, to give you one.

Also, to set things straight, I am not qualified to teach Korean so please don’t go ask me to coach you or teach you the language.   I myself is learning, I can only impart what I have learned from the point of view of someone who is not speaking English as first Language.  Similar to how I have learned English back on my primary days in school,  I try to relate learning Korean with the way English has been taught in school.  This is why I looked for books and other reference materials to learn.   I have question on tenses, grammar, word use etc.  I wanted to understand the Language just like how a young student may seek to learn a second language so I am trying to explain my learnings with this in mind.  With my interest in Korean culture, I read books about their history and promised to visit South Korea at least once every year.   So some questions not related to Hangul but relevant to South Korea, I may be able to answer or provide opinion on. Most specially, I also learn from suggestions. Likewise, I may commit some errors when i type some words so I would appreciate if you can point it out nicely.  I am not competing with anyone’s competency in Hangul.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope we learn together and become conversant one day =)


Upset…기분 상한

I am a bit upset that I only got to have 2 or 3 entries for the month of March in this blogsite.  I have been exaggerately busy the past weeks with so many personal and work related stuff. 

This means I have never been opening my book for 3 weeks already =(  I really hate to break the promise but reading the lessons just once is not enough with the advance lessons from Continuing Korean book. 

I wish things would slow down… It pains me to see that the last time I read the book was March 3.

New Page: Reference Materials

안녕하세요. 웹사이트를 방문해서 고마워요!

I added a new page on this website entitled — Reference Materials.  I will be putting in here the books that I have and give some sort of review about it.  So far my Berlitz Korean Compact dictionary is a staple (got to have one if you are serious about learning).  I am likewise done reading Elementary Korean so I finally made a summary on what’s in it for someone who will buy the book.

Thanks again to those who continue to visit and leave comment, i appreciate it.


Vocabulary Power

I am adding a new page to keep track of the words that I learned.  I called it vocabulary power.   You can check it out from the side bar.  The entries are still few , I may have to spend time updating this offline plus I am thinking of ways on how to make it more flexible for updates. 

I am likewise thinking of attending a formal class in a university to see if what I have been doing all alone are fine.  I think I reached a point when I wanted to hear it from a credible person if my interpretation of what I learned are correct.

제인 바이팅!