Back to School

Finally I am back to my Korean class at UP Diliman. I enrolled at Korean extramural class 2.  My first one was like a year ago.  I actually miss going to school even if its just a weekend and what is more exciting is that its all about learning Korean.

It was not the 1st day of school last Saturday (Jan 16, 2010) but the 2nd one actually.  I missed first the 1st session I was out for an earlier commitment before finally deciding to enroll.  I guess i did not really lose that much on the first day as it was a review on forming verb into past.

I have not prepared anything for my first day to class but I think I was able to cope up with it.  The lesson was about the use of past tense  and numbers.  I am really poor when it comes to numbers but that day…i got challenged with it.  I have been doing self study for nearly two year now so how come I can’t focus on memorizing numbers.   It’s as if I got some memory enhancers that day, before the end of the class I can say I am more familiar with Sino Korean numbers. The native Korean way of counting is another hurdle though.

Well I guess this is the advantage of going to formal classes, you are compelled to study and understand so you keep with the pace of the teacher.   Not for anything else, being back to Korean class is something that I am so excited and happy with.

1st Day – Formal School

After careful thinking and searching for a Korean Language School — I have enrolled my self in Korean Class 1 at the Univesity of the Philippines in Diliman.  This is my first day in a formal school to learn Korean and Hangul. 

I am just proud of what I have learned by myself.  The day 1 lesson is very basic and good thing I am done and over with it.  Its all about understanding the characters, vowel, consonants, some rules in writing and pronunciation. Exactly the same context in my Elementary Korean Book.  Looking at my recent entries, I have gone this far and decided to have formal schooling just now.  I don’t regret enrolling this late because it somehow gives me advantage to digest the lecture more than just worrying on understanding the characters. 

My fellow students were sighing and were really having a hard time with the characters and pronunciation.  I am truly looking forward with the succeeding lessons.  There are 4 courses and this is just 1 of the 4 so I am wondering if after completing the entire course — I can be just like my teacher who is not even a Korean but could fluently speak and write well in Korean.