Reference Materials

These are the books and reference materials that I used in learning Korean.  I have a handful  and honestly I have not read everything compeletely.  I will try to post all these materials and provide my opinion on its usability in the point of view of a self-learner.

Most of the books I have were bought out of the country as there are limited Korean books being offered in the local bookstores.  Two of my staple books were bought from Singapore’s Kinokuniya while other supplementary reference materials were bought in Kyeobo (겨보) Bookstore in Seoul. These are all available on-line via Amazon or Barnes but as you know shipping cost will bloat the price so in my official and leisure travel, I maximize the opportunity by checking on bookstores to get these materials.  I also sometimes ask friends, who go out of the country or is based in another country, the favor of buying for you books which are not found locally.

I also have reference materials provided when I attended formal schooling at the University of the Philippines.  They are using Kyunghee University text book  which in workbook type.

Please continue to visit this page as I will add under this all the books that I am done reading.   Please don’t take these evaluation as professional advice but rather just two cents from someone who experienced learning on on her own.


49 Replies to “Reference Materials”

    1. i took the Korean 1 course at the College of Linguistics, Palma Hall. I will be enrolling again this January for Korean 2 =)

      1. Wow awesooome. Can you tell me more about the Korean 1? Cos I’m planning to get formal lessons too 🙂

      1. 나는 한국사람이라서 완전한국말잘하죠
        그냥 구글하다가 나왔네요
        TV에 나오는 한국사람 모습어떤진 몰라도..
        적어도 남한 아주잘삽니다.
        100명중 99명은 아이폰이나 스마트폰씁니다. 물론 중학생이상만 되도요

        please request facebook friend

  1. hi janey_bei,

    Youre posts help me a lot.. Thnks, I want to know how could I see the korean chracters in my pc..coz i need to know it also.. I can read the charcters.. but I cant see.. only squares.. If you know how to do it.. help me pls.


    1. Try these:
      (a) select VIEW>Encoding
      Try various encoding choices. Start with Unicode (UTF-8); if that doesn’t work, select a language encoding you think might work.. Click on “More” to view many additional language choices. You may have to install additional fonts (see #9 below).

      (b) Select TOOLS>Internet Options>General>Languages. Here you can add languages for viewing. If your language is not listed, choose “User Defined” and type in the name of your language (such as ‘Khmer’)

      (c) Select TOOLS>Internet Options>General>Fonts. Here you can choose Script type, Web-page fonts, and Plain-text fonts. If your Script type is not listed, go back to (1b) above. If no fonts are listed for your Script type, you will have to download and install free Unicode fonts into your computer’s Fonts folder. See (9) below, or search on Google for “[language] Unicode fonts.” You may have to reboot after installation.

      Hope this helps. This is if you are using Microsoft Explorer…almost the same instruction for Firefox.

    1. Thanks for dropping by 나오엘 (noel i guess is your name). 나도 모든 것 대한민국에 관한 너무 좋아요!

      1. 나도 모든 것 대한민국에 관한 너무 좋아요!
        This sentence is awkward

        저도 대한민국에 관한 모든것에대해 관심이있고,
        너무 좋습니다 ㅎㅎ (‘ㅎㅎ’ is like ‘^^’)

  2. 안녕하세요!
    나는 싱가포르에서 왔어요.
    지금 한국어를 배워요.

    yeah.. I am as passionate as you in learning korean!
    I find that learning by watching korean drama helps a lot:) especially when u have the basic korean knowledge…

    If there is an opportunity for you, learning in a university that offers basic korean language modules can help a lot! Basically, for me, I learnt korean in my university as an elective and I REALLY LOVE korean!

    I have a good korean website to recommend here.

  3. woah. you actually studied in UP? what’s your nationality?if you dont mind. i want to enroll too. i want to get formal lessons too.

      1. woah! really!

        i want to enroll too, i’m already a college graduate so i dunno how it works in UP if its like that.

  4. thanks a lot for this site.. i love it very much..^^
    please help me..
    tell me the key of learning korean language..
    the key to help me understand how they make up their sentences..
    please.. ^^
    i really want tot learn korean but i can’t get formal education for it..T_T
    thanks a lot..^^

  5. Nice blog site!!!

    Im just a beginner in learning Korean language. Your blog really helps me lot.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. 🙂

  6. hi!

    I read that South Korea’s local elections is up on June 2. I’d like to know how do South Koreans vote.

    I hope you can enlighten me. Thanks a lot.

  7. Hii..
    Erm.. erm… Can I request erm.. Cause I would like to write a letter to Super Junior,who is coming to singapore real soon..
    But I do not understand Korean and.. I do not know how to type in Korean… Ermm.. could you help me translate my letter to Korean?
    I am soo sorry..

    This is my e-mail..


    1. i think there are other universities like Ateneo De Manila or La Salle but the problem is i am not sure if they are catering to Korean language as part of their Asian language studies.

  8. i wonder~
    can you please buy korean book for me ?
    i wanna learn it too 🙂
    HEHE , im serious anyway .
    can you help me ?
    if you cant, its alright 🙂

      1. I’m a malaysian by the way.. I hope this will help.

        there are lots of korean books in malaysia. you can go and look at Kinokuniya, KLCC or any MPH bookstore branch. its gonna cost a bit but i think its worth it ;). you can check first at the book store website. you can even find the elementry korean book that janey suggest.

        hope that helps atirah

  9. hi there..:)

    can i ask if how much it’d cost me to study korean in UP?? and do they cater to students from other universities? i mean will it appear on my transcript? thanks..because i really want to have a formal class in korean language but my school doesn’t offer one..thanks in advance..:)

  10. hi:) may i just ask you, what are the book titles for the books you bought in singapore? thanks for this website! it is great:D

    1. hi valerie! thanks for dropping by I bought Elementary Korean and Continuing Korean from Singapore in a bookstore in Takashimaya.

  11. thank God i found your blog! ^_^ i’m learning the language too whenever i have time. unfortunately i couldn’t find a good book that has Hangul characters with the right English translations. I’m planning to take up formal lessons at Korean Language Center maybe next year. hopefully you could continue this blog whenever you have time. it helps a lot! God bless!

  12. Urm…just wanna ask, do you use Elementary Korean or Elementary Korean Conversation.
    Please respond ASAP…
    btw do Elementary Korean will become handy to me as a beginner to learn hangul?

  13. what’s the korean term for

    i don’t know
    lets go
    come on

    thanks hope you’d help me with this .. i admire your page 🙂

    1. 몰라요 (mollayo) – i don’t know
      가자 (kaja) – let’s go
      i don’t know how to say come on if you want to imply something like really is that true? you would hear them say 진짜 (jinjja)

  14. hi!
    i’m going to seoul sometime this month and i was hoping you could recommend a few books for me to learn korean properly? i took a beginner’s course in university…but would really like to continue learning korean. thanks! 🙂

    1. you can check out Kyobo Bookstore they have a wide array of books but most are actually Learning English. I have bought some works books there though.

  15. How to enroll in UP linguitics? I’m an undergraduate and I want to learn Korean more. I am currently on my level 2 going to level 3. I hope you can help me with this. Gomawoyo.. ^_^

    1. you can just go directly to their office at Palma Hall you can pay the tuition fee there. you need to reserve because they normally require at least 10 students. they will contact you of the start of class. Usually its every Saturday.

  16. Hello Janey…
    As a beginner I had difficulty to translate Hangul sentences. I start to translate lyric, for example :

    커피 한잔의 여유도
    coffee cup of margin
    널 보러가는 발걸음도
    I go to step also
    어느새 익숙해진 기쁨인 걸
    suddenly familiar joy that
    이런 내가 아닌데
    This I not a
    이런 적이 없는데
    This there do not
    너라서 그래
    for anybody yes

    well, do you have suggestion or tips so I can translate Hangul like this ;

    The leisure of a cup of coffee
    The steps leading me towards you
    Are all joys I’ve become familiar with
    This isn’t me
    I’ve never been this way before
    It’s because it’s you

    thanks ^_^

    1. That’s how it is, if you translate word for word it sounds weird sometimes. You also have to look at the context of the sentence as a whole.

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