Reflections and Answers

After nearly two months of hiatus i realized that there are hundreds of people reading my blog and there are questions left unanswered.  I personally get frustrated when I don’t get answers to questions so i know how it feels to be waiting for one.  I am actually inspired with all the encouragements I get from reader’s messages so i already registered this domain which means i really had to renew my dedication towards learning this language.  However, I would like to apologize to those who requests for email correspondences, I may not be able to return emails one on one as I have a day job.

A lot of visitors requests for translations of names.  Just to clarify, I only write names in Hangul and never translate any name to Korean.  Unless your name is a common noun then chances are I can provide the Korean counterpart; like if your name is Rain then 비 (bi) is the Korean for this word.  It’s totally different when you write it straightforward as Rain which is 레인 (Rein).   So I hope readers would understand this, if you want to get a Korean name you need to have someone, a Korean native perhaps, to give you one.

Also, to set things straight, I am not qualified to teach Korean so please don’t go ask me to coach you or teach you the language.   I myself is learning, I can only impart what I have learned from the point of view of someone who is not speaking English as first Language.  Similar to how I have learned English back on my primary days in school,  I try to relate learning Korean with the way English has been taught in school.  This is why I looked for books and other reference materials to learn.   I have question on tenses, grammar, word use etc.  I wanted to understand the Language just like how a young student may seek to learn a second language so I am trying to explain my learnings with this in mind.  With my interest in Korean culture, I read books about their history and promised to visit South Korea at least once every year.   So some questions not related to Hangul but relevant to South Korea, I may be able to answer or provide opinion on. Most specially, I also learn from suggestions. Likewise, I may commit some errors when i type some words so I would appreciate if you can point it out nicely.  I am not competing with anyone’s competency in Hangul.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope we learn together and become conversant one day =)


New Page: Reference Materials

안녕하세요. 웹사이트를 방문해서 고마워요!

I added a new page on this website entitled — Reference Materials.  I will be putting in here the books that I have and give some sort of review about it.  So far my Berlitz Korean Compact dictionary is a staple (got to have one if you are serious about learning).  I am likewise done reading Elementary Korean so I finally made a summary on what’s in it for someone who will buy the book.

Thanks again to those who continue to visit and leave comment, i appreciate it.


Continuing Korean…Greater Pursuit

Yesterday’s post marks the end of my goal to read from cover to cover, Elementary Korean. I am finally done reading this book after almost 1 and 1/2 years.   I promised my self to make a review of the said book and this going to be one of my goals side by side reading the sequel to that book entitled Continuing Korean.

When I started reading the book sometime in late August, I knew this is the book that will answer my questions in mind on the intricacies of the Korean Language.  Withouth much thinking I decided to buy the sequel book in Singapore in a Japanese book chain –Kinokuniya.

Though I bought this book long time ago, this is the first time that  I am opening it.  I browsed through the table of contents and instantly found happiness seeing some of the usual word endings that I hear from Korean conversation like -는데 (neunde), -면 (myeon), particle 야 which continues to tickle my mind on how it is used, to name a few.

I am twice as interested in reading this book as the first one but it doesn’t mean i’ll be shelving the 1st book for good.  I will still go back to Elementary Korean and refresh my mind once in a while of the simple topics and rules that it taught me for over a year.

Continuing Korean, you will be my ‘Twilight’ in the next coming months.  Feed my curiosity and hunger to learn Korean.


My daily hits is increasing, it may not be thousands in day but the mere fact its increasing, I am happy that little by little people visit and learn while I learn too.

I love receiving comments too and questions, it sort of test what i learned from reading and from attending extramural class on Korean Language.   Thank you for the words of encouragement it keeps me inspired from posting and continuously learn 한국어.

다시 아주 감사합니다!


Welcome 2009!

It’s 2009  and i have been running this blogsite for over a year but less than 2 years now.  There are times that I could barely update.  It doesn’t mean i have stopped learning but there are really moments when I am too busy with other important matters (like my work).

This year, i wanted to raise the level of my learning by being able to speak and not just read and write.  That would mean doubling the effort in reading and writing so i can master.  I wish to learn and keep in mind more korean words.  I am done with my Korean I class so i will probably enroll to Korean II if my schedule would permit. 

To all who bookmarked my site and have been dropping comments, 감사합니다!  Reading comments inpires me to go on in this journey.  Please keep me company…다시 감사합니다.

15000 Clicks and More…

I couldn’t remember the exact day that I put up this blogsite, I was just blogging on what I learned from doing self study of the Korean Language. I know this figure is relatively small compared to a lot of blog site out there, but hitting it 15,000 and receiving comments and lots of thank you’s inpires me to go on.

Please keep it up with me. 너무 고마워요!