Thank you for dropping by on this site.  My passion to learn 한글 (Hangul) is continuously burning.  I put up this site in the commitment to learn day by day.  Everybody seems to be wondering why I am into this.  Do I have plans to stay in Korea? Am I one of the k-drama addicts? Well I wanted to visit Korea in the future (btw i already did and it was a fantastic stay) so it think it’s more appropriate to say to regularly visit in the future.  I will also not  deny loving the k-drama, in fact even k-pop.

I think it’s the passion to learn Hangul that keeps me from enjoying every Korean movie or drama I watch.  It is also the reason why I have been smiling listening to K-Pop.  I would someday be reading about 한국 history and culture… the  one written in Hangul I wish.

All the phrases and words in this blog are learnings that I got from reading several books and through my language exchange partners.  And as additional source, I have enrolled my self in an extramural class on Korean Language in a university.   I just aim to keep an on-line track of what I learn, these should not be taken as official reference for learning 한글 (Hangul).  Maybe in the future I will be listing all these reference books and do some sort of a review.  As of this time I am enjoying reading them while learning from native Koreans on how to speak the language.  This is really too exciting for me.  감사합니다!

제인 (Jane)


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  1. Hi Jane:

    I think, questioning is always a good way to take the next step in solving and learning anything, thanks for sharing your ideas, i’m also learning korean and it’s really exciting.

    go ahead, fighting! 🙂

  2. 안녕하세요.
    한글을 공부하신다니 무척 반갑습니다.
    저는 한국인입니다.:)
    인터넷 검색을 하다가 우연히 이 블로그에 오게 됐습니다.

    I’m glad you study hangul.
    I’m Korean.
    I just visited your blog as googling..

  3. I’m a Filipino… It’s just i wanna learn korean language too but ’tis really hard. Can you give me an advice???????????

  4. hi nelson!
    thanks for dropping by this site. i understand how you feel its really difficult to learn a new language especially if the writing style and grammatical structure is different. I think it takes a lot of passion and perseverance. Depending on your goal… if you want to speak than read and write then I suggest you fins a language exchange partner and start with a phrases. If you intend to read and write more than conversing then I suggest you get a good book (Elementary Korean is really good) and start with the basic. Learning the characters in Hangul is easy the pronunciation is not that difficult its really the sentence structure that is challenging. Goodluck.

    1. Hello! I just discovered you blog and
      I’m slowly learning Hangul on my own, through the internet,
      (I have learned a lot of words from just listening to k-pop and watching k-drama!!
      also learned to read Hangul a little)
      but It’s still kinda hard to focus just like that,
      And then I read your reply here,
      Do you maybe know where to find a Korean pen pal or something like that? 🙂

      1. Try to register on the link I shared on this site entitled. Be a Friend to Korea. There is a language exchange learning part there choose a friend to talk to.

    2. annyeong!!
      using this blog is really helpful for us beginners in hangul, i’d like to thanked you for answering questions because through that, i learned a lot, i actually self-studying, and im glad that i learned by myself, and with the help of your site..hope to buy that dictionory you’re talking in previous, im proud Filipina.. 🙂 kamsahamnida..

  5. Hi I just stumbled onto your site which I have feverishly bookmarked and am planning on revisiting time and time again for any updates. I’m half Korean and have never been able to fluently speak Korean. It is a wonderful yet challenging language! When I have free time I oftentimes write korean words on flash cards or just try to study the sentence structure in general and have made some progress. The best way to learn is to immerse yourself with the people, but for individual like me that can be hard to do but I am still trying to learn. I’m very glad you made a blog dedicated to learning Korean. Looks like I’ll be learning alongside with you. 🙂

  6. 안녕하세요.
    최승합니다, 한국말저금.

    I tried my best to type and introduce myself in Korean but feel free to correct any mistakes I made.
    I am at 인하대학교, doing an intensive one year Korean language course in preparation for my Masters next year and I came upon your blog while searching for an explanation in the differentiations of the particle markers used in hangul because I’ve been struggling in understanding the uses of them in my classes.
    My 선생님’s have difficulty in explaining them in Korean let alone in English so I have nowhere to turn to.

    But luckily, I found this.
    So am very grateful. Hopefully, I can learn and understand more from here.
    I just wanted to thank you personally for giving me one way or another help in my studies.


      1. i am doing this as a hobby i am not a good reference if you are pursuing this as a career.

  7. Hey just popped by your blog and what you are doing is awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn korean myself and your blog is very helpful:) And indeed i think it be great if you could name some good/easy/understandable learning korean textbooks as reference for others to learn or korean learning pc programns as well! Just a suggestion if you dont mind =] and if you could thanks a bunch, it save me heaps of time and money buying textbooks and programns. :):)

  8. Hi, Jane. Nice blog.

    I’m learning Korean myself and currently trying my luck at Hangul basics. I hope to improve a lot. Will be checking out your blog for updates regularly.

  9. 안녕하세요!

    I think, we have some things in common, and the most obvious is our PASSION to learn Hangul!

    I started studying the language last year, but i stopped because of my schedule in my work! My love of watching korean movies and shows make me study the language (I get tired of reading subtitle). I know how to read, already know some words, my problem now are constructing my own sentence and vocabulary and I’m getting there!

    i have managed to get a very good book! if you want i can send it to you!

    Hope we can help each other! I also planned to visit Korea in 2010!
    you may ee me @ http://profiles.friendster.com/angelorodelas!

    good luck!

    1. thanks for dropping by. i think now is the best time to go to Korea with the Cebu Pacific offer =) i wish i have time to go this year. what book are you reading? i have elementary korean and continuing korean.

  10. wow,, i have elementary korean too but it’s a softcopy so, i have to print it all. my copy is not that clear! want to lend me yours! hahaha! XD…!~

    Are you Pinoy too? If yes, then, MABUHAY! Ang saya naman! hehehe!

  11. hey i live in korea been here for 6 months and i have 1yr 6months left and only know enough korean to get to the train station and few other thing to help me get around with taxis, but my girlfriend mostly just tells them were to go so i never really have a chance to learn because she can hardly speak english and i can hardly speak hangul, and i work with korean every day but they would rather learn english then teach me korean it seems, so i need something that will help me learn fast and easy.

    p.s. im in the army so if i call learn hangul the better i will be able to preform my duties. and if you could e-mail me your respons please thanks.

  12. hello! (: wow i like your site! I’ve been self-studying korean for over a year already. ^^ Learning korean is my passion too. I’ll drop by often (:

  13. hi! I am a Filipina who also learns korean language.. have you ever tried this site? e-campaign.kdu.edu? remember NOT to put “www”. this site can help you a lot. Good luck and God bless. ^^ salamat..

  14. can somebody help me to translate these:
    1) 첫 인상으로 사람을 판단하지 말라는 말이 있습니다. 사람의 인상은 변하기때문입니다.

    2) 한번 만들어진 나쁜 첫인상을 지우느라고 고생하는 것보다 훨씬 쉬우니까요.

    i am learning kr language. but i have trouble understanding these sentences. pls help. thank u.

    1. its very wrong to judge person with first impression. the second statement i am not sure its like because people impression change. reading it the two sentences are interrelated so this could mean it is very wrong to judge a person with first impression because people’s impression change.

  15. Hi! I’m trying to self-learn Korean and I can say that your blog is very good for people like me. Do you know if is there something that compares Korean language with Japanese language when teaching it? Thanks a lot.

    1. hi cintia. i am not sure about Japanese language i read there are similarities but i am not really keen about it as ai have not read any language book about hirigana or kanji.

  16. hey! i love your site, it’s so comprehensive…btw, are you filipino?(i’m from cebu!lots of koreans here) and i learned how to write korean first and now i’m learning to understand and speak what they actually mean (i actually love k-dramas and k-pop too)

    it’s so nice to find other people who have passion for hangeul and korean language in itself…my friends tease me when i tell them about it..but i don’t care…it’s kinda nice to learn other languages other than english and my own…

  17. Hi Jane, hi guys!

    I’ve started learning Korean only a while ago, and, well, I realized I tend to learn a foreign language more easily by writing blog entries (That’s how I learnt English). Anyway, the flipside is that sometimes your readers are just your friends and they not always want to correct your grammar mistakes. One day I got lucky and found http://lang-8.com/, which is a blogging tool specifically designed for people who’re learning a new language. In fact, you get to blog and native speakers get to correct your entries. You, in return, get to correct theirs. It’s a win-win situation, if you ask me, cos the whole system is based on language-exchange partners. Just thought you guys might want to try this. Best of all? It’s *free*.

  18. hi there!
    i stumbled upon your blog and am really amazed at your speed in learning the K language…
    i’m just starting on it, and am treating it as an addiction.
    well, it’s the best way to keep my passion in learning, you know.
    there are just times that i want to give up on it…
    oh, the irregularities! and everytime i think of how fluent i am with my tagalog and english (and visayan), i just get depressed. i am 23, which means it took me more than half those years to master my language.

    another problem is, i’m quite impulsive.
    i want to learn fast.
    and get frustrated whenever i realize that there is no FAST way in learning hangul! huhuhu!!!

    and i don’t have books!
    what place on earth am i in? there’re no good korean books in our place! arg!
    what could be worse than that, huh?

    i better stop now.
    i’m blabbing…

    1. I know how you feel… i have not mastered the language yet. i am not good at it conversational. it’s really hard if you don’t have someone to talk to. just keep on studying and practicing… cheers!

  19. Hi there, I bought ‘Elementary Korean’ 3 years ago from SG Kino but had to shelf it aside due to other priorities. Recently, I’ve picked it up again and should complete it before the end of yr 09′. Glad to have chanced upon your blog. Keep up the good work!! =)

  20. Annyeong,

    just like you, i really wanna learn hangul too. i almost used 3 reams of paper just to print modules i found in the internet. i am a nursing student and im very busy, i hope that i could read these modules during the semestral break. XD

    now, i wanna find someone whom i can practice hangul with.

    and i want a korean name who can give me one. XD

    keep it up.

    1. thanks for dropping by… i am pretty busy also these days so i seldom update this blog site. we can practice exchanging mails if you want in Hangul (not the romanized one). you don’t need to get a Korean name your name can be written in Hangul –> 제이비

  21. HiHi!

    I’m almost done with Elementary Korean but find it seemingly lacking in certain basic grammar points hence am undecided about purchasing the Continuing Korean as a follow-up. Also, I have compiled a list of books to be purchased from Korea. If you could spare the time, is it possible that you list the grammar points covered in ‘Continuing Korean’??

    That would be much appreciated.

    PS – Really like the multi-colored-pencils you put up..In fact it’s been my favourite desktop image!

    1. hi miumiu – continuing Korean is really a continuation of basics from Elementary Korean like more uses og verb in -고 form, some verb combination and new verbs like those in conditional form like -기 and -으면 form. There are also several lessons on clauses and modifiers which are very helpful and challenging… this I guess is key to making longer sentences. I have also noticed that most of Korean uses a lot of modifiers to form clauses in their sentences just like in English. Thanks for dropping by.

  22. I love this blog! Thank you for that! Its more easier for me, a guy without any Korean language course, lerning Korean with sentences like yours. 🙂

    Greets from Germany!

  23. Hey, ive also taken an interest in learning korean, talking to koreans ive learnt alot when it comes to basic sentence structure and hangul (such as exceptions in the words) but they did recall teachers using study cards/ flash cards to teach new students which i am yet to find online, (its just like kanji flash cards in japan, only in korean which would really help.) So if u know of any of these cards please reply because i would really like to find them.

    1. you can download such applications in iTUNES store if you have an iPOD the flash cards becomes a bit electronic. I have Korean for Beginners book which has something like this. The flash card type pages can be cut. I have not seen though an actual flash card.

    2. You can make your own flash cards. Buy a pack of strong cards and print them from a Word document you will have made yourself (if it’s a hassle, you can always copy paste words and translation from the web)

  24. Wow! Your blogging is incredible! Thank you for all the time you’ve spent thus far! I have been passionately studying Korean on my own for about a year and a half now. I wish I could find a teacher but many Korean women aren’t “open” to helping teach their language. They only want help learning English. I would so love to talk with you about things I’ve done that has helped – if you’d like to talk with me please email me….from one passionate person to another it’s a journey for sure but I won’t give up until I can speak this language fluently. I am hoping to go to Seoul in 2011! My name is Kelly, but my Korean name is Hyun Ji, a very dear Korean lady gave that name to me after I begged and begged – ha ha! Anyways, I hope I’ll hear from you but if not, I understand!

    Thanks! Kelly

  25. Hi, I am wondering if you are still continuing with this blog. I have been dying to learn korean but I find it extremely hard to study this on my own because I have no one to clarify with.

    If you are still continuing that will be great 😀

    And i hope you dont mind me asking some questions while learning 😀


  26. I started learning Korean a few days ago and I can read the words now, althought still quite a bit slowly. I think it’s pretty good progress :)) I think that we share the same passion. I’m half Chinese but I would rather prefer learning this language because I just think their culture is so interesting (not that Chinese culture isn’t). I’m hoping to become fluent in Korean within 3 years because I plan on going to med school in Korea in the future. Your site’s really helped me so far, so thanks! Btw I’m Filipino too 🙂

  27. Wow.. Finally I found blog like this..
    I want to learn about korean.. I just can understand so little of korean.. And on my computer I can’t write hanguk..
    Anyone know the software for computer that make computer can write hanguk?? I want it really so I can improve my korean..
    Kamsahamnida.. =)


  28. 안영하세요 제인 언니!
    It just happened that I stumbled upon your blog. And it’s great to know you are Filipino – I am one, too! We share the same passion~
    I’m starting to learn Hangul sometimes I want to look for books that discuss its structure and so on and so forth. All the books that I can see in the bookstore are phrasebooks, although they’re all informative I doubt that I’ll be contented with just one phrasebook. Plus, phrasebooks are quite expensive. And oh, can I ask you some questions?
    As of what I have read, you study Hangul at UP Diliman…? Do you see teens at the age of 15-above going to classes like that?
    Could somebody take that course while taking another one? Like two courses at the same time?
    Could someone who graduated from that course get a job? Like what?
    Ah, I’m sorry if I’m asking too much. It’s just that I’m very interested to learn Hangul and I am also thinking of what course to take. Btw I am in 3rd year high school that’s why I’m thinking about it already. 🙂
    I hope we’d be able to exchange emails sometime because I can see that you will be a very good teacher to me. For the meantime, I’ll be checking this blog when there’s always free time so that I could learn more from you 언니. 🙂

    1. 안녕하세요 같! Thanks for visiting my site. It’s good to have a phrasebook since it gives you some of the frequently used expression handy. some phrasebook have cultural insights too. learning Hangul is like learning Korean culture and history as well. i suggest you continue with your passion since you are still young, in fact i am envious that you learned of this passion way to early than i do. There are a lot of career opportunities for someone who learns Korean. You can work of course in Korea by doing so or you can be a diplomat (work in Korean Embassy here in the Philippines or Philippine Embassy in South Korea). UP offers Korean language as extramural class (like an elective subject) but they also offer degree on Asian Language. My teacher is an exchange student in Korea but he is Filipino. He is really good in Korean.

      1. Hmm, extramural classes, huh? What are you taking, 언니? The extramural one, or you’re taking up Asian Language? I plan to extramural classes someday, :\ but on the contrary, I’m going to be 4th year high school next year and be stepping out to the college world soon. Wah.. 어떻게?? T~T
        When we say Asian Languages, that means you’re going to learn other Asian languages, right? But I’m afraid that I won’t be able to use them all. @_@
        Is it only UP Diliman that offers Asian Languages and extramural classes for Korean?

        P.S. followed you on Twitter already~! 대박~!

      2. extramural classes as in optional you don’t need to be a student with course on languages. you can take asian language and major in Korean. I took the extramural class since i am already working in an IT environment.

  29. This is a great blog site Jane.

    I started to travel to S. Korea last July once a month for a week on business so I see it as an opportunity to learn another culture and language which is why I’m glad to have found your blog. Hangul is very easy to learn to read, but the language itself takes a lot of effort to learn. You’re right, one needs a lot of passion to learn this language, going there once a month helps, and I try to email my korean officemates in hangul whenever I can.

    I’m filipino too by the way. I’m still trying to catch on all that you have posted from the very beginning. Looking forward to learning a lot from them. Thanks for sharing!

    And happy new year! I’ll try to write it in Hangul next time just like your last blog taught.

    1. thanks for dropping by =) it’s great to travel to S. Korea…i am a bit envious that you have more time to actually practice talking to them in the future. thanks again.

      1. wow…you guys were so lucky to go to Korea. i wish to go to Korea but i’m still fourteen and i have no such money to go to, my parents is not supporting me because they have other priorities rather than this dream of mine.

        uh….i’m also a filipino.

  30. hi! i really find this site of yours very helpful. but i have a question, is the tuition fee in u.p. expensive? cause if possible, i want to enroll too. thanks in advance

  31. I am a chinese. I like to watch korean dramas and recently i have joined a forum as i like one of the korean actor so much. HIs name is Yoon Sang Hyun.

    I used to watch korean drama with sub-title. After I had joined the forum, then only i released that if i know korean language, then i can translate the korean news into my own language and to share the news with everyone. Therefore, i wish to learn the korean language. However, due to my busy schedule, i am not able to go to classroom to learn korean language and i found out that by reading books is not an easy ways to learn korean language by yourselves! Can you share your experience with me?

    1. Hi zoe! just like you i watch tons of Korean dramas as well. I learned Hangul by reading books and attending some formal class. It’s very difficult since my native tongue Filipino and my second language English follows the same sentence and grammatical pattern which is very different from Korean. I guess Chinese follows the same sentence pattern as that of English. The honorifics also make it difficult. It would really take lots of passion to learn another language really. Just keep on going slowly but don’t stop. Goodluck!

  32. annyeonghaseyo!!…im lea..im a filipino living here in the us…i am also studying the korean language coz i too want to visit the country in the future and i love listening to kpop and watching kdrama and movies…i love your site…im kinda hoping you can be an email buddy or something sisnce i think we share the same kind of interest..kamsahamnida..:)

  33. I discovered this site today, it’s great….and motivational. I wonder…can anyone help me get Hangul text for my laptop so that I can also email my Korean colleagues 🙂


  34. Hi! I’m surprised at this site you made.
    I suppose I was boasting front of you about korean. – -:;
    I thank for your thirsity about korean, k-pop and our culture etc..
    and i have a feeling of responsibility as korean
    I am eager to speak fluent english of your about korean^^
    I am indeed frustruated at english. but i maybe take couarage from you to master a diffrent language.
    anyway let’s help each other.. bye^^ good luck

  35. 안녕하세요!!
    Hi! Glad to find one website that can give you more info about 한글.
    I’m also learning Korean as I’m planning to visit this April. To that I can claim myself K-drama & K-pop addict as well.
    By the way how do you manage to get the learn exchange partner. Its very hard for me to find one. I went to class for

  36. 안녕하세요!!
    Hi! Glad to find one website that can give you more info about 한글.
    I’m also learning Korean as I’m planning to visit this April. To that I can claim myself K-drama & K-pop addict as well. All songs in my mp3 are K-pop.
    By the way how do you manage to get the learn exchange partner. Its very hard for me to find one. I went to class for 1semester.
    Btw, I am Aussie live in Sydney. So nice to know that someone have the same interest in language. Hope we can keep in touch!!

    1. hi! i enrolled on some language exchange site. xlingo and languageexchange.com is where i found some language exchange partners but i guess i am not too fortunate to have a lasting one. i have few korean acquaintances though but they are good in English.

  37. erm… hi! ^^
    i’ve been viewing this website or blog for few months and i really think that is really great and helpful =D
    and also finally found a page that i could learn Korean ^^
    i would like to ask a favor if you could help me translate my name to Korean cause i’m really curious bout it and would like to know how’s my name gonna look or sounds like in Korean ^^

    my name is ” Lee Wei Yi ” ….

    thanks lots!~ =P ….
    will support this pages always ^^

    1. 이왜이 this is my suggested spelling of your name in hangul
      이 is actually ee a lot of Koren has this surname but when the name is romanize it is Lee.
      왜 is like wai in the word waiting in english. if your wei sound like whi in whispher then it should be 위 instead of 왜.
      there isn’t yi in Korean instead its also spelled as 이.

  38. hello. i got some questions to ask you. Do you know about korean tenses?
    For future tense right, is it 거에요 or 거예요?

    1. the book says its 거에요. I verified these with two native Koreans and asked them why there are a lot of young Koreans saying it should be 거예요. They say the first one is the correct way to spell it but just like how 이에요 becomes 이예요 at times, this verb ending is the same case as that. a lot of younger Korean would tend to correct it as 거예요, so sometimes depending on whom I am talking i use 이예요.

  39. 안녕하세요!
    저는 Laysun 입니다.
    한국이 공부가 재미있어요, 그런대 쫍 어려워요.
    I started learning the Korean Language two years ago for two semesters at a private Korean school here in California. However, I couldn’t continue because many students dropped out as it gets more difficult. The best way to learn the language is to hang out my Korean friends but as I’ve moved away from them, there’s no chance to improve at all. Do you think there’s a school in Korea for overseas students to go learn their language & culture? I look forward to hearing from you. 감사합니다!

    1. 안녕하세요 Laysun씨. 이 답장을 늦어서 미안해요. 당신은 아직 학생이에요?
      I think if you are still a student you can enter to Korean Exchange student program. There are also universities in Korea that accepts foreign student who wants to learn their language and culture.

  40. hi jane..im from cebu and right now iam self learning hangul..i get my beginner’s lesson from the net..i just started to get interested in learning korean because of the popularity of k-drama and k-pop..i really love them..by the way i am a linuistics students but it is more focused in the English Language..

    learning a new language is really difficult especially when you are not immersed in the native community where the language is used ..i just bumped into ur blog and i think it would really help me a lot..

    hope to hear from u soon..
    P.S. how much does it cost to enroll in UP Diliman? Specifically with the extramural class in Korean?

    1. sorry jona for the very late reply.. really had a lot of catching up to do on this blogsite. the extramural class costs PHP2800 in UP.

      1. its ok..tnx for the reply though..my college life is getting busier because of a lot of research papers..anyway..where can i purchase a book on elementary korean and how much does it cost?

        keep up the good work..this blog really helped me in learning Hangul..

        nomu kamsahamnida..(is this ryt?)

  41. Hi! I am glad to find your blog. I lived in different cities in S. Korea for 3 years but now I am back in my home country. I never learned how to speak Hangeul fluently…mine is survival skills LOL! I am still interested to learn at least for now that I am planning to visit Korea next month.

  42. Woah! unnie, they love your site! how can i be so slow learning Hangul when my best teacher is just around. I hope my Hangul will get better. I have to practice reading more. ^_^

  43. hey , i juz wanna ask you .
    where can i buy korean book ?
    i wanna learn it too .
    btw im malaysian .
    can you help me ? pleassse 🙂

    1. 나는 17세 이에요 (naneun yol ilgop se ieyo)
      17 when written as age uses Pure Korean number 열일곱 (yeol =10 + ilgop = 7)

  44. hi! i have started self-learning Hangul a few months back and i haven’t made that much progress. i have your blog bookmarked and i just want to ask if you’d be willing to coach. thanks!

  45. hello… happy to have seen your site…
    i feel the same way as you do… i am so in love with korea! i always watch KBS world and arirang.. watching all about korea has been a part of my life style. knowing someone shares the same passion, makes me so happy…
    i’ve only learned hangul through books and korean dramas.. i never had the time to attend any formal korean class…
    God bless!

  46. i’ve read from your blog that you’ll be back in korea this december… i was just thinking, will it be difficult to have one’s papers processed? what are things that i must prepare? please… sorry for asking too many questions… God bless!

    1. depending on your nationality you need to get a visa. as a Filipino we are required to secure visa, requirements include application form, 2X2 pictures, bank statement and some documents depending on your status. if you are an employee you will need to present an employment certificate and your income tax return copy.

  47. Hi Jane!
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog as I struggle to learn Korean! I noticed that you mentioned your Language Exchange Partner(s) several times, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about how that works. What website did you use? I’ve found a few sites, and I want to go with the most legit one. Would you mind sharing your experience? Thanks so much!

  48. Hi Jane! 😀
    your site is awesome 🙂
    wow…you’ve taught me alot of korean haha~ ^___^
    keep it up! hwaiting! :]
    감사합니다 친구!

  49. Hi,

    I just found your blog and I like it. I’m taking a beginners course in Korean at the moment and needed to look up some things for my homework 🙂

  50. Hi! Yep, I’m studying Korean too. If I think I’ve read somewhere that your native language isn’t English, just like mine. Can you tell me what your mothertongue is?
    B.t.w. awesome website! I’ve also collected a lot of materials and explanations from kind Korean friends and I don’t know where to store them in a convenient way which is accessible everywhere.

  51. Hi there, I know you can help me. I want to learn hangul and I really don’t know where to start. I believe that your blog is very helpful. 🙂

    I want to enroll in a korean class in the Phil, and i have read that UP Diliman is offering classes, thanks for the info.

  52. 안녕하세요!
    i am regilyn from the Philippines , i am 15 yrs old, i really love your blog . you helped me a lot.. I’ve been studying Korean by my self for about 1 year. and it is so hard. i saw your blog when i was searching. i want to learn more .thanks.. 고마워요.

  53. Hi! Nice blog.

    I unintentionally open your site because I’m looking for the meaning of “Haru Haru”. I heard this mostly in Korean Songs. I love K-Dramas and Korean Songs too. That’s why I want to learn Korean Language on my own. Good thing,I found this site and I learn a few basic Korean words in watching Korean Dramas every weekends and listening to their songs everyday.

    I will visit this site everyday to learn more Korean language.

  54. Hi! Nice blog.

    I unintentionally open your site because I’m looking for the meaning of “Haru Haru”. I heard this mostly in Korean Songs. I love K-Dramas and Korean Songs too. That’s why I want to learn Korean Language on my own. Good thing, I learn a few basic Korean words in watching Korean Dramas every weekends and listening to their songs everyday. I will visit this site everyday to learn more Korean language. Gomawo!

      1. 하루하루 haru haru can mean everyday just like 매일 (maeil) it can calso mean day by day.

  55. 안녕!

    hi jane,
    i’ve been googling ‘learn hangul’, ‘hangul online’ when i came across ur blog. this is really helpful and ur explanation is easy to comprehend. learning the alphabets is easy, but when it comes to sentences..it’s quite confusing. i’ll keep coming back here for sure!


  56. annyeong!! ^^
    I am also addicted to korean dramas and k-pop in particular!! I love the korean language and I love the accent “it’s very cute”. I am also intersted in leanrning hangul. I started taking free online courses few weeks and I find it very useful but what is the most useful is practising what U learnt with korean people! I dream to visit Korea one day and even live there for few years until I assimilite hangul very well…then I’ll be very proud of maself! kkkk
    happy cuz we share the same passion..wish U all the best…U lucky at least U had the chance to step in korean and breath its air!! 😛
    anyway….hope all our wishes come true very soon =)
    btw…I am from morocco but i study in johannesburg “south Africa”!
    Goodbye and keep on learning 😉

    1. 생각해 means think.
      싫어요 (shireoyo) is i don’t like or don’t want.
      몇 살이세요? (myeot sariseyo?) how old are you?
      약속해요 (yaksokhaeyo) promise
      약속 (yaksok) is noun for promise

  57. Hey, I just accidentally found your blog. I also try to learn Korean, but I’m still at the very beginnings. I subscribed to your blog, looks like I can learn a lot from it.
    (check out my blog, the idea behind it is similar to yours, but its still heavily under construction…)



  58. Hi!
    Thanks for your helpful and friendly blog. I really enjoyed it.
    As I don’t miss anything for learning Korean,I added you to my favorites and of course as a permanent link into my own blog.
    감사합니다! 🙂

  59. 안녕하세요!
    your blog is great!!~~i learned a lot of things from here.
    uhmm..i’m studying Korean by myself with awful Korean books in Vietnam!!
    my parents don’t think i should study it and don’t support me.
    in my school, there are some Korean students. i tried to make friend with them, but they said they’re “little bit shy” and we only chat by English( not Vietnamese even they’re good at it!)
    anyway, i’ll try al my best to study Korean because of 김현중 *^^*
    (sorry because i made it long, thanks for reading this!)

  60. Spot on with this write-up, I really suppose this website wants way more consideration. I’ll most likely be again to read much more, thanks for that info.

  61. hello!..
    i found your blog and i think its great.. im mexican and want to learn korean.. i kinda know the pronunciation for hangul but dont know the meaning, so i just wanted to ask u if u know any korean university that accepts exchange students to learn about their language and culture, i found out about ewha womens university but do u know about another one?

    congrats on your blog 😀

  62. Hello! Your blog is excellent! I have been teaching English in Korea for 2 years now and have been slowly picking up Korean as I go. I also try to study a bit in my free time and with Korean friends. It’s great to have this as an additional resource! Thanks!

  63. Hi

    im jhun 24, i just want to asked how you able to enrol in extramural classes? Could you give me tip or any requirements thanks.

  64. i also fell in love with hangeul and the s. korean culture 🙂 i am also planning to take up hangeul classes in UP this summer. it’s good to know that many people are really interested in learning this amazing language 🙂

    btw, my bestfriend is a south korean ^.^

  65. *question*

    does ㅋㅋㅋ mean LOL or something? My Korean friend types that a lot on chat. ^_^


  66. 안녕하세요 jane..

    awesome site! just wondering..lets say i know the basis korean alphabet already and i know how to read it a little bit… but how am i suppose to know whats the meaning of the words i read?? how to learn that?

    *wink* buy dictionary?


    1. yeah buy dictionary and ask a native Korean if some of my statements are correct. you also need to understand their grammar and sentence structure it’s a bit different than English.

  67. Annyeoung Jane,

    Thanks for sharing your website/blog which I have recently discovered and found extremely informative and friendly. Like most people following I’ve spent annual holidays in South East Asia but never visted South Korea. I discovered my passion for South Korea, the language and the culture from my exposure to Korean TV when on holidays. It’s been about four months since I’ve watched any UK tv or radio as I’ve become a massive fan of Kpop and Drama.
    I’m now trying to teach myslef the Korean language (as I’m due to go to Seoul in December) and am using the Languageexchange website to contact new friends who are willing to teach/help me in my venture but I wanted ask, as I’m based in the Uk, there are hardly any language courses available in Wales (where I live) and wanted to know whether you could recommend some books which would aide me. I’ve recently purchase Elementary Korean by Ross King, but are there any other?



    1. hi sam – there are lots of books. honestly i have not tried reading other comprehensive book out there. I also have the Continuing Korean which is the sequel to Elementary Korean. i think elementary korean can already keep you going for months. i have some word books that i purchased from Korea which supplements what i learn from reading Elementary Korean and Continuing Korean. I also have this book Practical Korean by Samuel Martin which I unfortunately i left in a Delta Flight to the US last year. That book is also good to jump start you. But if you are serious about learning the language, Elementary Korean is the way to go. Elementary Korean is actually authored by professors from Wales University. I think this is where you can learn the language extensively. How I wish i live in UK. I probably would be enrolling myself there.

      it’s really hard to get a language exchange partner based on my experience i really don’t know why. i have Korean friends though whom i asked from time to time but they are not necessarily my language exchange partner. thanks for dropping by my site =) anneyeong!

  68. hello jane!…

    i’m a filipino who is totally addicted about korean dramas
    i sooo love koreans and i’m so eagerly want to study hangul..

    but can you give me some advice?
    because i don’t have any friends whom i can talk about koreans, for me it’s so hard to study alone..

    thnank you!

  69. Hello Im Acel ~..

    Im still learning korean..
    I can write , read,,but im not that good to construct a sentence..~..

    Im learning to it cause I want to watch Kdramas w.o Eng Subtitle..
    ANd talk to my korean friends~..

    Hope this blog can help me more~ ^^ :))

    감사함니다 :))

  70. hi! i love everything korean and i tried learning from scratch! but i got really confused..i wanted to go to a language school but in our area they only teach japanese and chinese..its really frustrating..the reason? i would like to visit korea i love culture and korea’s culture and history really fascinates me..(as well as greece and rome)..but mainly its because im a k-drama fan id like to be able to watch movies and tv series’s without having to strain my eyes to keep up with reading the subtitles and i want to be able to understand the songs without having to translate them first..so thats it.. i do hope u keep updating..i love how u make it seem easier..and ive bookmarked ur page..hope u dnt mind! hehehe:) more power..keep it up! ur really helping a lot of people like myself with ur blog! God bless^^

    1. 그 사람 나의 오빠이에요. (ku saram naui oppaieyo-he is my oppa)
      그리고 아무도 오빠를 훔칠 수 있어요. (kurigo amudo oppareul humchil su isseoyo-and no one can steal him)

  71. hello, i’m with you guys, we have the sames wants and goals, i’m very happy to find such people who has the same interests. it’s too hard to find a sonsaeng over the internet for free because most requires pay and uses credit cards (paypals) but i’m fourteen, how can i have those, so i’m really sad, how ever i don’t give up, in have a current Korean friend who helps me, i’m very thankful very very thankful.

  72. Annyonghaseyo Jane,

    I happen to stumbled across your website whilst searching for some sentence, I really loved your site! It’s really helpful for new beginners like me:)

    Keep up the good work!

  73. Could you please translate my name in Hangeul. =)
    I’m Realuisa Antic.
    Thank You so much! =)
    awesome blog! ❤

  74. YEAH me too ..,,i want to study korean language too but i am lacking with some
    reference materials..,
    but i am happy that i encounter this website !!!!!
    it really helps me in learning hangul..,,

  75. 안영하세요 제인
    I am new in your site . Site is abundant . you teach easily. I sterted learning Korean 1 years ago.
    I love and enjoy Korean language I interest Korean history and culture too
    their cities palace is very interesting for me . I listen Koraen music and watch K-drama and films when i reading your lessons i see you love heart to heart them , mention singer or music band name and their songs nice to find you and your site

  76. Dear Jane…
    I love your blog…Really…i’ve learned Korea since loooonngg time ago n’ still don’t really understand. But reading you blog makes me understand Korean easier. 당신의 다음 가르침을 기다려 ^-^

  77. Annyong,
    this is kshitiz from Nepal. K-movie and k-drama i popular here in Nepal also. Korean looks and hairstyle has been admired by most of the youngsters. I guess K-pop will also be popular one day, in Nepal………..

  78. I am so excited to have discovered your blog. I myself am in the beginning stages of my Korean language education. I’ve taken a basic course at a university near my home over the Summer, and I have several language exchange friends who have been very helpful since my class ended while I continue self-study! I was curious as to how you set up your blog/website, because I wanted to do pretty much the same thing — document my life and goals with my studies, as well as give little bits of lessons and advice on the language and culture as I experience and learn it, and be able to reach out the rest of the world-wide web community, haha. I’m learning Korean because I have always had a fascination, respect and admiration for East-Asian cultures, languages, and History, since I am part Vietnamese. Korean grabbed the most of my attention – I really like the sound and uniqueness of the language (the grammar focusing on verbs and social status as opposed to subject-verb agreement as with most other European-based languages). The fact that South Korea has become a rising enterprise in the global economy as well as politically acknowledged also indicates that having a competent fluency will be very beneficial for my career aspirations. Also, I won’t deny that the pop-culture is equally fascinating. I understand that your blog is directed towards those not looking to learn professionally, but the style is very friendly, and your dedication and perseverance is admirable and inspiring — and I enjoy it very much!

    but yes, how did you start this site? Any advice as to how I could get one up and running? I don’t intend to be a competitor, but rather an ally in terms of sharing the wonders of the Korean Language, etc! Feel free to email me. 🙂

    1. i started 2007, it’s really hard especially that i have very few Korean friends. i just blog what i learn from my class and personal readings.

  79. Hi, i’m a Brazilian girl who loooves Korean culture… k-pop, k-drama, k-movies… and I’m trying to learn Korean by myself… i really want to visit Korea… Your site is very helpfull, thank you so much (:

  80. Hello…thank you for making this site. I’m trying to learn Korean and it’s too confusing with so much crap online. But I think your site is very organized and helpful. I will definitely refer to it always.

    As you know, a lot of things get lost in translation. Can you explain what this means to me, not just literally but the tone of it? I googled it and it said “I’m very sorry.” But that can be said many ways.

    모든 것에 대해 미안해

  81. Truly inspirational, just like, “If we deny love that is given to us if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss then our lives will be empty our loss greater..”.

  82. its so nice that I’ve googled your site! I’ve been trying to add another language to my tongue… tried several but failed. but now i really want to learn korean! yes just like the others i love korean dramas and i think i’ll enjoy more if i know a bit of korean.. and what it is not to love about.. kpop.. kimchi.. kimbap!

  83. Hi Jane thanks for this site I am a Filipina also. I start learning hangul and I thought in the beginning it is just easy for me to learn but I was wrong I found it so difficult. This site it helps a lot for a beginner like me thanks.

  84. Hi, my name is Israel, and Im a Filipino..

    Hangeul is an easy language to learn, right now I can read and write Hangeul, but there are other syllables that i couldnt understand. So maybe this site may help me more in learning Hangeul.

  85. Hi, Jane !

    Hi, Jane !

    I’m very impressed with your passion.
    It is the reason why that I comment here by terrible English I have ! :)..

    I’m Eun-Ji, Korean.

    For the day of ‘Hangul-nal’, I have searched information about it. so I found your site.
    As I came here, I knew that there is many people to desire learning to korean.
    It is natural for me to write Hangul and speak as a korean. Umm.. I was worried to people who want to learn korean because It’s completely different that between the system of pronunciation in English and Korean. so I thought it maybe difficult to use korean unless using usually.

    But I think you have informations really helpful to people who really want to learn korean.
    Thus, I am a delighted to visit your site.

    Thank you Jane ! ! 🙂

    다시 한 번, 한국어를 향한 당신의 깊은 열정에 감사를 드리고 싶습니다 ! ^__^

    1. 안녕 하세요 은지씨! 저의 사이트를 방문해 주셔서 고맙습니다. 근데 아직도 한국어를 고부하고 있습니다. 2007부터 지금까지 아직도 한국어를 공부하고 있습니다. 근데 말하는 한국어 잘지 없습니다. But I am not losing hope =)

  86. 와 꽤오래됬네요

    저 한국사람이고 서울삽니다.(I live in seoul)

    궁금한거있으면 트위터(twitter)나 페이스북(facebook)으로 물어봐도되요

    1. I would recommand you visit this site -> englishinkorean.com <Michael is in Korea. learning Korean, he teaches English as well 🙂 Each other might be great help!
      Your Korean seems very well^^ not much of ordinary Korean would not be able to make data as you have arranged ^^

      한국에 놀러오세요 ^.^ 블로그에 자주 즐릴게요. 저도 제이니 님에게 도움이 되었으면 좋겠네용!

  87. My dearest friend is Korean, and I’m learning to speak Korean because I’m incredibly interested in the culture, and I also want to surprise her parents when they visit the US next year by speaking Korean with them. Learning Hangul is difficult, but so fun! Your site/blog has been so very helpful and I’ve only been reading for an hour! Bravo, and I look forward to your future posts, Jane. Take care!

    Best Wishes,
    Zachariah from PA

  88. Hi,

    This is an AWESOME site! BTW, I love Korean movies and would like to know if you can help me with a couple of things

    – what is film director in Korean (the Korean word and the romanization)? Is there a difference between the Korean term for film director or TV director?

    – what is the word for actor (film or tv)?

    – how to say “do you remember me?” (this is to someone I had worked with before briefly)

    – Is there a website that translates Chinese names to Korean names, and is there a site that features glossary for film/ tv terms? The website lifeinkorea only features media/ theatre/music.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. 남자 배우 (namja baeu) is actor
      저 기억해요? (cho kiokhaeyo?) — remember me?
      i have no idea about the rest. not sure if there is a difference between fil or movie director but i hear Korean addresses directors as 감독님 (gangdongnim)

  89. Hi

    I really like this site. Being a fan of Korean movies and dramas I’d like to ask how do you say “director” and “actor” in Korean”? Is there a difference in Korean language between the terms for film and tv director or actor? Is there website you can recommend for a film/ video glossary terms?

    Thanks so much!

  90. Hi…!!! This is a really cool website! I was googling on how to spell my name in Hangul & came upon here! Love it… So just wanna check, is this correct? My name is Jannah (잔나)


  91. 안녕 제인….(I have no idea if I did wrote that right)

    I just recently started learning Hangul and love it!
    I became friends with a girl from Korea while living in
    San Diego. She had to move back to Korea because
    her mother became ill with cancer. She said most of
    her friends don’t seem to think friendship at long
    distance has any importance. I have wanted to learn
    for a long time. More importantly I want to show her
    that I do care enough about our friendship to learn
    her native language. At first I afraid I would lose
    interest but I find myself being drawn in with a
    passion. I love the way Hangul sounds and looks.
    And I am excited as I even catch on to basics.

    OK. What I wanted to say is I also came across
    your site and find it extremely helpful. As I go
    through lessons and exercises I have your page
    open to do quick references. I am learning
    extra fast (I think) thanks to you.

    Keep being awesome!


  92. Hi, you are an inspiration to me! I decided to pursue my interest on the Korean culture while warding off criticism from others. Im in the beginning stages of learning the Hangul Alphabet and basic expressions. I hope to visit Korea many times in the near future to experience the culture. Keep up the excellent blog! Tasha (nubianlocs75@yahoo.com on Facebook)

  93. Awesome blog, Jane! I found it through talktomeinkorean.com, and happy that I did. I’m working in Korea now and slowly learning the language. I’ll be following your blog from now on! Thanks for all the solid tips.

  94. What a fantastic site! My daughter (9) is starting her Korean lessons in earnest this year in order to speak it when we travel to Korea in a few years. She is Korean and has been stateside with us since she was 4months old. We were blessed with a small but gracious Korean community in our area that have reached out and embraced her (and us). I have been learning with her so that when we are around our Korean friends, I can actually practice their language.
    To augment our lessons, we too watch Korean TV and I have become a victim of the KPop addiction 🙂 The only thing my daughter and I listen to is Kpop. And I have no problem with that!

    Thanks for sharing this blog!

    1. i love listening to K-POP too and i do watch dramas and TV shows over at Arirang and TVN =) Sadly, KBS Global is no longer available in our satellite TV subscription, I used to watch programs from that channel too.

  95. Anyonghasaeyo Jane-sshi,

    I stumbled upon this gem of a site by surprise (because I have a Korean friend who’s celebrating her birthday tomorrow and although I know how to say “Happy Birthday” in Korean I don’t know how to write it–I’ll have to post my greeting in fb :D). Like you my fascination with the language started ever since I watched kdramas; unfortunately I have no decent time to enroll in a Korean Language class. So it was a blessing to come across your blog where I can learn some basic Korean until I can formally enroll in a class. Kamsahamnida and hwaiting! 😀

  96. helLo !! this really helped me a lot in learning hangul :] such a BIG help .
    btw, can you please translate my name: [april] to korean .
    i still find it hard in wirting hangul . i can’t even write my own name in korean [lol]
    please help me . thanks !! ^^

    1. 에이프릴 (eipeuril) this is how your name will be written in Hangul. The month april in Korean is 사월 (sawol)

  97. Hi there!
    I stumbled onto ye blog when I googled “saengil chukha hae yo.” Very nice and informative!
    I salute your effort to learn Korean! 🙂

  98. Hi,

    I am really have great difficulities in trying to differentiate between K, D, J, B and G,T,CH and P.
    I understand that it is the difference between MR and RR, but I really do not understand why example 가 is written as Ga, but prounounce as Ka.It is because I learn hanyu pinyin, so i am totally confused in pronounication? Secondly, 앉아요 becomes 안자요, then why don’t they write it as 안자요 in the first place since the prounounication is 안자요. Lastly, say ” Gess” becomes “Get” because SS turns into T. Then I write it as 겓 in the first place? I am so confused now. Would you please kindly help me? Thank you so much.

    1. i can understand how you are feeling dawn. those are some of the few nuisances in pronunciation of Korean language. I think i have a post about it. You can check out the Pronunciation categories. You can also read the Elementary Korean book where it was explained well. Just like any other language like English perhaps. See and Sea are pronounced the same but it has different meanings and if you mistakenly used one to replace the other you can either miscommunicate or simply your spelling is wrong.

  99. I’m a Filipino..can you please help me .I really want to know more English words translated in Korean words.please help me.

  100. glad i saw this blog. i think it is very helpful. like so many people, i love to learn korean. im interested also to learn their culture. i love koreanovela and movies.

    thank you for putting up this, you will help a lot of people who have same interest.

    god bless!

  101. 1) Happy New Year and Best wishes!! 😀

    then xD

    May I ask you what does it mean? “빈가우ㅓ요~ 어디서보고 친추거셧는지 ;”

    Thank You!! and congrats for the blog!! ^_^

  102. Hi! I would just like to ask if you watch KBS World? If yes, I am a regular viewer of this channel because I love their programs esp the drama and am currently hooked with “Glory Jane”. Can you please tell me if it is Kim Hyun Joong (Ji-Hu of Boys Over Flower) in their station ID, the one who said..”very nice to meet you, Emilie” at the last part?

    Thank you so much for your time in replying me.

      1. Thank you so much for replying..I can rest my case now with my hubby. 😀 We had a bet kasi and I can’t find any comment about it in any blog or video.

        BTW, like your blog..and for sure will come back more often.

        Have a blessed 2012, Jane. And, God Bless

  103. Hello!(:
    i was wondering if you were american like I am. See, I’m trying to learn hangul and i don’t want to look at the example words for pronunciation say, if you were english or scottish since we all have different accents! ok thanks(:

    1. hi dani! I am not american but we are taught english using american accent. i can totally relate to you. reading is totally different when speaking. Whenever I practice on my own feels like my pronunciation is okay but still i think i sound laughable if i try to speak Korean with a Korean.

  104. I’m Affan from Malaysia,,
    I love your blog,, It’s daebak,,
    I’m planning to transfer my credit in Korea but they said I should get at least level 4 in TOPIK,,,
    I want to buy the book (Elementary Korean) but I don’t where to but it,,
    I look at Amazon.com but it’s expensive though,,
    I’m a broke student~ lol ^^
    Can you advise me how to learn Hangul by myself as I want to take TOPIK only one time,, hehe thanks for advance ^^

    1. Hi affan! I myself is struggling to learn 🙂 just continue reading and best to go on formal study too with a Korean teacher.

  105. Hello, janey, I’m an average korean girl. I built community on facebook for those who are interested in Korea(culture, language, etc). Since one of my followers asked me if I can teach them basic Korean, I searched and found your blog. I think it’s really good material, so I wonder if you want to join the community to teach them. Somehow it’s more difficult for me to teach Korean to foreigners, because it’s natural for me. I would be happy if you can help me. The address of community is : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Real-life-in-Korea/1434625960088115
    Give me message if you are interested in. And I’m gonna paste your blog address to here so that other people can learn 🙂 Thx.

  106. Wooh! It took me long to scroll down to reach this box .. 😁 Hey Jane.. am so happy to know that i am not the only one who got crazy to learn hangul and am so so happy to find you! Ur blog is amazing & i just marked it as fav and i am going to learn from you as well be my sensoungnem? If that possible 😊

    And yeah i am kdrama addict big time … i just cant sleep without watching an episode! And i smile while listening to kpop …😆

    I just wana tell you 정말 감사압니다 for this amazing blog… !

    Stay awesome … 😊

  107. Hi Jane. I saw your profile in linkedin and wishes to get in touch with you about a job opportunity. I find you to be a good fit for Project Manager role. Please email or send me SMS. -Joana

  108. It’s nice to meet you Jane, I’m NyNy! Just wanted to stop by and say I like your posts.

    I hope when you have the time, you can check out some of mine and comment. I write about Asian pop culture and video games plus I’m still writing my travel entries when I went to Korea last year. I’d appreciate if you took a look 🙂

    1. hmmm no it will give you an idea on what the statement means but most of the time the statement is not arranged in the right sequence or format.

  109. Just started to learn Korean and am trying to remember the sounds for all of the possible combination of Hangul. I think it would speed up my learning if I can find a listing of names (of a persons), (of cities), (of nations which I already have) , ( and of various Konglish) that is in both Hangul and English.
    I was able to find some but I couldn’t find a complete listing of above.
    Please share with me if you have compile a listing,

    1. Hi Peter thanks for dropping by. I have not come across a online reference for the sounds of all possible combination of characters in Hangul. Will let you know if I find one.

  110. nice blog, it really helps alot. maybe you could put up a post on the commonly used terms by koreans, because it will really bring passionate lovers one step closer to korea!


  111. hey jane…..
    I’ve come across your blog recently…its really good…i’m very keen on learning Korean,i find your blog really helpful…kdrama plays a part in it too..you can say i’m k drama addict…
    I’ve started a blog to pen my learning’s and also for stuff i’d like to know about or stuff i really like…if you find time please drop by my blog…..
    And last but not the least i’m happy to find ur blog 🙂 🙂

  112. Hi Jane

    I was looking for the hangul translation of thank you and Saw your site..
    I’m so happy!.. I want to learn hangul the thing is that I don’t have enough free
    time to attend a Korean language class. So lucky to finally meet/found someone who is
    also very passionate about this wonderful language. I’m really glad! I hope in the future
    you would help me. (Please bear with me in the future if I ask too much!)

    Liz ^_^

  113. Hi Jane,
    It looks like your blog will be very useful to me, like i said earlier, I’m on my early stage of self-learning Korea Language. 😀
    I like K-Drama too, and also K-Pop, some of them. 😀 :D, but never been in South of Korea. 😀

  114. Hi Jane,

    Your blog is awesome! It’s encouraging to see people learn Korean and share the progress along the way. I, as a Korean, hope that you will continue doing so!

    Also, I’d like to introduce you to a website that some colleagues and I have been working on.

    It is an online tutoring service for people all around the world to learn Korean 1:1 with an experienced tutor via webcam and email, at their own level and pace in the comfort of their homes. Perhaps you can share it on your blog for people to take advantage of this service? I’d really appreciate that! If you have any questions, let me know at

  115. My name is Song Choi and I’m the Online Marketing Director for Tuttle Publishing. I was wondering if you might be interested in hosting a giveaway and/or reviews of some of the 2,000+ books we have in our catalog. Our best selling authors are internationally recognized experts and thought leaders in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and South East Asian Food, Language, Culture, Art and Antiques, History, Martial Arts, Religion, Fiction, Gardening, Flower Arranging, Children and Young Adult books.

    I believe your audience may be excited by some of the titles we have to offer. I would like to explore the possibility of hosting one or a series of giveaways for your readers at no cost to you.

    Please let me know this would be of interest to you for your blog.

    You can reference our entire catalog at http://www.tuttlepublishing.com, on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Song Choi
    Director of Online Marketing
    Tuttle Publishing
    (808) 282-0635

    1. Hi Song Choi! That would would be great. I am interested on this. I get a lot of inquiries about the dictionary and books I use currently I have 2 Korean reference books both from Tuttle publishing. I’ll get in touch with you via email. Thanks.

  116. Hi Jane! I work with 90 Day Korean, a rapid Korean learning website. Yesterday we just finished publishing a post on Korean Language Resources from around the internet and are looking to expand it to include blogs and other types of sites. We’d love to include Hangul a Day on the list! Also, I had a few questions for you about your site. I couldn’t find your email address, could you send me an email at blake (at) 90daykorean (dot) com? Thanks so much! I’ll let you know the link for the page we’re creating in the email. Talk soon 🙂

  117. Good day Ms. Jane…

    I came across your when I was searching for a site wherein I can learn Hangul/Korean…lately, I have been very curious to learn because of K-pop songs and korean dramas…By the way, my name is Jeomar (can you translate my name in korean, jebal..)

    I would like to ask for tips on how to learn the language…

    Thank you very much and God bless you always…

    P.S. Pinoy po ako…hehe…trying hard na po yong English ko..hehe..salamat po ulit…kamsahamnida…

  118. Hi Jane,

    nice site. I am just wondering why you use the term “Hangul” to refer to the Korean language. Hangul is just the writing system, not the language. I know that in Japan the Korean language is often refered to as “ハングル” (hanguru), but I never saw this in English textbooks (i.e. “Intermediate Hangeul” or something).

    Anyway, good luck. And don’t bother with romanisation, learning consistent rules for romanising Korean takes as much time as learning Hangeul, at a fraction of the usefulness.

    By the way, “College Korean” and “Intermediate College Korean” (Berkeley University Press) are by far the most useful (English) textbooks I found.


  119. Hi Jane. I just found your site now while googling for “modifiers” and i had fun reading some of your blogs. I had worked in Korea for more than 3 years and brought some Hangul knowledge.
    It’s just amazing and comforting to be around with those who have passion in learning the same thing as Hangul [coz i don’t have anyone here in our province 😦 ]and share the progress along the way.
    Now I’m inspired to learn again. Thanks to you.
    Keep it up! (Thumbs up)

  120. I’m so please to discover your blog. We’re off to South Korea in September, to visit my daughter who’s teaching in Busan for a year. I’m battling with hangul on a daily basis. I really want to be able to read and understand a little, but I’m finding it quite hard. I can’t find a button to subscribe by email. Do you have one? I’m very poor at following blogs by using the WordPress Reader.

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