Cherry Blossoms 2015

Are you planning on a trip to South Korea this Spring? It was almost a year after my last visit and it still feels like yesterday.  Last 2014 I was in South Korea in the month of April which is spring.  I am officially in love with Korean Spring time.

2015 Cherry Blossoms Jinhae
2015 Cherry Blossoms Jinhae

This year I am definitely going back to Jinhae with my kids so they can see how beautiful the place is.  There is no update yet on the expected cherry blossom in Jinhae but I hope it would come first week of April because we are already booked!

In any case, I would have the option to check Yeouido as well and enjoy the view of Han River.  Last year cherry blossoms in Seoul was a bit late it came mid April.  So if this is the same case for 2015 I think we will see cherry blossoms in full from Seoul.

2014 Yeouido Spring
2014 Yeouido Spring

If you are planning on a Spring trip to South Korea this year feel free to comment so we can exchange plans.  I am so excited with this travel plan.  I will strive to share more information for those who are also planning to go on tour this spring.



39 Replies to “Cherry Blossoms 2015”

  1. If you want to see the Han, I would suggest a cruise. They are about 15,000KRW and they take you all the way up and down the Han. My wife and I did that a couple of years ago and had a blast! Have a great trip to the ROK!

  2. Hi, I will be in Korea from April 4-11 and I am looking forward to seeing cherry blossoms by that time, I hope they will bloom while I’m there. It will be my first time in Korea and I’m traveling alone. Hope to exchange travel plans with you 🙂

  3. Hi there, I’ve been trying to find out more on the dates for Yeouido Cherry Blossom this year but no dates available yet. I’m torn between planning to go in the first week or mid week because I don’t want to miss out on the cherry blossom

  4. me and my brother is with a high hope of seeing cherry blossoms this 2015. we are set to seoul this march 19-23. are we lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms?

  5. i will also visit korea on march 31-april 8. i also plan to see the cherry blossoms with my family. i hope we can we them in full bloom. 🙂

  6. Hi^^ I’m also pln to visit Korea this coming april😁 around 3/4/2015 with my cousin😁 do you have any idea when cherry blossom in busan&jeju? This is my 1st time visiting busan&jeju so I’m really hope can see cherry blossom😁

  7. Hi, I found your blog while planning my upcoming late mar/early apr 2015 trip to korea. Thanks for all the info you provided in this blog and hope you have a nice and enjoyable trip this yr too!

  8. My sister and I will be in Jinhae on 8 April and Seoul on 14 April. We hope we able to see the full bloosom in these two places.
    Any idea when is the expectation cherry bloosom schedule will be out?

      1. I think 1-10/4 is the festival itself, not the period when the cherry flowers bloom … am I correct ?

      2. it is… the festival is when the cherry blossoms are blooming in peak. but you are correct the festival is actually not about cherry blossoms but the commemoration of the admiral yu. but this usually is held during the cherry blossoms in Jinhae.

  9. Hey, I will also be heading to the jinhae cherry blossom festival.
    Will arrive Busan 3rd April and planning for jinhae either 4th or 5th April.. I have a total of 2pax not sure we can book a land tour in Busan

    1. good timing. you should book now I think during cherry blossoms hotels and even B&B places gets fully booked.

  10. hello! i will be going to Korea in April this year and it’s my first time there! will you share your itinerary and plans in korea? 🙂

  11. Looking forward to going Yeouido, Seoul this mid Apr. Anyone going 10 – 16Apr too? Hope to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms 😍

  12. Hello! I love this post of yours and your photos! I am planning to go to Seoul in Mid April, to go see the cherry blossoms. Any advices? Where to go and my hostel will be in hongdae, any advice how to get around seeing the cherry blossoms?

    1. Check out Twin Rabbit Hostel. There are a lot of good hostel in Hongdae just that Twin Rabbit is a favorite.

  13. hi, planning to visit in korea april 4-10 with my mom, do i need to stay overnight in jinhae? or staying one day there is enough? if we will be staying overnight, can u recommend cheaper hostel to stay? thank you very much

  14. My family will be travelling to Korea from April 1-5 this year. Can’t wait to see the cherry blossoms. Is our timing ok?

  15. Hi! I’m going to Jeju Island on 13/4 & 14/4 and will be at Seoul on 15/4 until 18/4. I guess that is a bit too late for cherry viewing huh? I’m still hoping I can see it though.

  16. I will be at jinhae on the 31st of March, we were thinking of avoiding the crowds too. I am just missing two bits of information which I hope you could help.

    1. Where can I find out what times the train goes through the gyeonghwa train station?

    2. Do they light up the stream on the 31st?

    1. Sorry i was not checking the past days but i suppose you enjoyed it if you visited Mar 31. We went to Jinhae April 10 and the cherry blossoms are nearly swept away by winds.

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