A Day in Jinhae

It been almost a month since I came back from a short visit to South Korea.  I am writing about our day trip to the country side which led us to this wonderful place called Jinhae.


March 31, 2014 was a perfect day to be in Jinhae in South Korea.  As the Koreans would say 대박! We were so lucky to be in this place the right time. I made our booking as early as October 2013 with little hope that we will get to see cherry blossoms.  Heavens conspired with our earnest desire to see this wonderful event.  Our flight back is April 1, a day before we go back to homeland we spent the whole day in Jinhae walking.  Yes…after getting off the bus terminal we never took a bus or taxi and roamed around walking.

Everywhere we set our eyes, there was cherry blossoms. Jinhae is hometown to the biggest cherry blossoms in South Korea. It was a good decision to be there a day before the festival. Almost all the trees are in full bloom.

Streets of Jinhae

Since this is a day before the actual festival, there were no direct Korail routes yet.  During the actual festival a special train schedule is made available by Korail that takes passenger from Seoul direct to Jinhae.  However, on ordinary days, the express bus is the fastest and most convenient way to go to Jinhae.  From Seoul, the Nambu Bus Terminal has regular bus trips to Jinhae.

Nambu Bus Terminal

The terminal is right outside Nambu Bus Terminal subway station of the green line. It was convenient to take this line as our hostel is in Hongdae.  This bus terminal is pretty organized.  We were able to buy our ticket in advance and the bus left on time as scheduled.

The cherry blossoms appears to be the main attraction but in the festival is to commemorate Korean Admiral Yi who led a successful battle with Japanese.  This festival is called 군항제 (Gunhangje).


The streets were getting ready for the first day of festival when we arrived.  There were food stalls line just before the main rotunda. We had a taste of Korean street food  from this lane.


There were lots of  choices for the food and seems like roasted pork is one of the speciality being offered.  In the Philippines we call this lechon.  Having these stalls around gave me a taste of what the festival could be minus the crowd.  That day, there were many people but it was manageable.

Tents set-up for the festival featuring Korean food

Finally, a day in Jinhae will not be complete without seeing this wonderful place–the Yeojwacheon.  It’s like the Cheonggye stream in Seoul, it was a long path walk but this one is lined up with cherry blossoms.

The most famous spot in Jinhae

The place was breath taking. This made me realize that what I saw last 2013 was too little compared to this.  It felt like an endless walk.  I told my self, this is what 벚꽃 (beotkkot) is. The sakura of Korea.

Families and Couples enjoy this path walk with the trees in full bloom.

The weather was perfect for walking. It was not too cold nor hot.  This is what one perfect spring day should be.  This was one of the most memorable day I had in South Korea.

Cherry Blossoms

The trip to Jinhae was the culminating part in of our visit to South Korea this year.  The cherry blossoms brought happiness and energy to us.  This is something that I would definitely want to do again.


29 Replies to “A Day in Jinhae”

    1. it was a day trip from seoul to jinhae. i stayed in seoul for 5 days and spent just one day in jinhae 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

  1. Hello! I am inspired by this blog. And I also want to visit South Korea in the future. So for first timers like me, I just want to ask. How can I actually arrange a vacation for myself? I mean, I am planning to have a 2-week long vacation (if given the chance) and I am thinking about going alone and exploring Korea alone. Ahm… I really have no idea besides having passport, visa and hotel reservations… What else should I prepare? I am on the process of researching about this. So a little help, Ma’am? Thank you. If you are interested in replying to this message please please (I am begging, hahaha) this is my email address egj.balais@gmail.com. Thank you so much! And I am learning a lot by browsing your blog. :))

    1. hi evangeline i can share my itinerary with you really depend on where you want to go will shot an email 🙂

  2. ..hello ma’am good day:)
    ..just wondering when are you going back to Korea??
    ..is it possible to join you on your trip ??

  3. Hi! So happy I found your blog. We’ll be in Seoul from 23-30 March this year and are looking to do a day trip to Jinhae, probably on the 29th. Hopefully we’re as lucky as you!

    Do you mind if I ask a few questions? The bus you took from Nambu to Jinhae, was it direct? How long did the entire trip take and how much was the fare per person? Also, could you please let me know what time the buses left going to and coming back from Jinhae?

    Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Yes it is direct, the entire trip was about 5 hours including stops. the buses have frequent trips about 2 trips in an hour. I suggest if you are only spending one day in Jinhae, you should be taking the earliest trip going there and purchase your tickets a day before the trip so you can get your self familiarize with the station. Tickets can be bought online but that may be difficult as the site is only in Korean. You can purchase your return ticket from the terminal in Jinhae as soon as you arrive. Take the trips between 3-5pm so you don’t arrive super late in Seoul. Check the Korea Tourism page for updates on the festival. I know when its the festival there is a direct KTX route to Jinhae. The bus is very convenient though if you are going there before or after the festival. Just make sure you go there closest to the festival date.

  4. Hi. I will be in Seoul with my husband for 4 days. I really wants to see the cherry blossom and probably planning to go on March 30 to Jinhae for a daytrip. Will it be a good day to visit there? Its our first visit to Korea and my main purpose is to see the Cherry Blossom im just hoping its the best date to see.. Im still choosing too which one to go Nami or Jinhae for that day but I know CB will be in Jinhae..

  5. Hai…. I’m going there this April to go to Jinhae festival. right now in calculating the budgets to go to Jinhae and i saw your blog. thank youuu alot for your information. but just want to know, the price tickets for return. and if i want to go to the other place of the same festival. I just need to ride a bus right ? hope you can help me. thankss.

  6. Hi, I am planning a trip to Seoul with my baby too and hopefully to catch the cherry blossom in early April. What are the places in Seoul for best viewing of cherry blossom? Can you share more information with me sensationvia@yahoo.com on your itinerary and about booking of direct train KTX (as 5 hour bus ride sounds painful with a young child). Thanks in advance!

    1. I think the KTX direct train route to Jinhae is only available during the festival itself probably April 1-10 otherwise you need to get off Masan and take another bus ride. Direct KTX takes about 2 hours according to friend coming from Seoul.

  7. Hello, we’ll be going to South Korea this April 7 to 11. We’ll be arriving on April 7 in the evening and planning to go to Jinhae on April 8. Would you know the bus schedule from Seoul to Jinhae (like time of first trip)? I’ve read in some blogs that the bus runs every hour. But just want to make sure since we do not have time to check before hand. Thanks in advance!

    1. There is an hourly trip from Seoul to Jinhae and vice versa just bear in mind that trip is 4.5 hours. Upon arriving Seoul you may want to go to Nambu Bus terminal to buy your tickets the following day so you get to familiarize your self with the terminal.

    2. Check out the nambu bus terminal when you arrive it operates until 12am so you can buy tickets for early morning trip on April 8. This way you uget yourself familiarize with the place.

      1. Thanks a lot! We’ll try to go to Nambu Bus Terminal if we’ll make it before 12am. Otherwise, I think we’ll have to wake up very early to catch 7am trip or move Jinhae to April 9.

  8. I am arriving in Seoul on 9 Apr, evening. Thinking of doing a day to Jinhae on 10 Apr. Is it possible to take a train there? Btw, are you there now? The cherry Blosssoms full bloom? Will it be too late if I go 11 Apr? Warmest Regards

    1. Hi Karen!
      Your arrival date is perfect! April 1-10 is the festival in Jinhae and it’s the peak of cherry blossoms too. I will be there on April 9 too 🙂 yes you can take the KTX there is direct route to Jinhae during the festival.

      1. Hi Janey

        Thanks for your reply though it is one year late !! I went last year . 😊Have a good trip and hope you see the cherry blossoms !

  9. Hi thanks for sharing I read that you did a day trip but by any chance you have any recommendations for hotel /motel..
    I have difficulties finding a suitable one with an okay review


  10. Hi! Im going to korea on november. It would be autumn by then. Will i cross out jinhae from my itinerary because there will be no cherry blossoms by that time? I really have a lot to ask you. Will it be possible to ask for your email? Mine is clairecobrador@hotmail.com. Im a friend of lilia pelias, btw. I just happened to see your blog about korea and saw your pics. Angganda ng cherry blossoms!! Too bad i wont be seeing them on november.

    1. Hi Claire! Sure I will email you 🙂 Jinhae is best during spring time dahil Sa cherry blossoms I suggest you go to Mt. Seorak Kung autumn. Next to spring I like autumn, the colors are so nice! Btw, I am going back to Jinhae this April 🙂

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