Welcome 2014

The year 2013 has been a challenging year to my homeland.  As if the recently exposed case of graft and corruption widely known as Napoles case in the Philippines is not enough, series of fortuitous events put our country in a difficult situation.  The earthquake in Bohol destroyed some of the oldest churches we have and took the lives of a lot of Boholanos and perhaps the worst typhoon in the history of the Philippines almost wiped out Tacloban in the map with 2013 super typhoon Yolanda aka as Haiyan internationally.

What these unfortunate events brought us are people sending their love all over the world.  It was heart warming enough to keep the Filipino spirit alive.  And so despite the hardships,  I would like to welcome 2014 with even greater hope towards the healing of our nation.

May the blessings of the Lord shower upon us this 2014.  As the Korean way to say it:

New Year 2014

새해 (sae hae) – New Year

복 (bok) – blessings

많이(manhi) – many

받으세요 (padeuseyo) – receive



9 Replies to “Welcome 2014”

  1. I thank God for you, this site. I have also this yearning to learn all about Korea and the Korean language. How and where do I begin? Is having that compact dictionary the 1st step? Is that available in Singapore? Please help me. Thank you very much. God bless you.

    1. hi thanks for dropping by. i bought a phrase book initially and then bought a compact dictionary to familiarize my self with the language. Then I started buying language book.

    1. learn common phrases first this is usually how schools and language centers would recommend. Then start learning words and some basic grammar lessons.

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