Traffic in Korean

I was thinking of what to post today. The content I lost for 2012 is not a joke.  So my inspiration for this post is the situation I was few hours ago.  Traffic in Korean is 교통 (gyotong).   The traffic is so bad going out from Makati (south) to Quezon City (north) via EDSA highway.  In Korean to say the traffic is bad because of the volume of cars on the road you say 차가 막힌 (chaga makhin).  It means the cars are bumper to bumper.  I thought it was 나쁜 교통 (nappeun gyotong) which literaly means bad traffic but it is more acceptable or natural to say 차가 막힌.


Whenever I am in the business district or going towards the business district I always find taxi driver saying they are confused in Makati.  마카티는 교통이 복잡해요. (Makatineun gyotong-i bokjaphaeyo).  The traffic in Makati is complicated. This is because there are a lot of one-way streets which are not properly marked that if you unfortunately enter these roads you can get 교통사고 (gyotong sago) or a traffic accident or get ticket for  교통 위반 (gyotong wiban) or a traffic violation.

내일 좋은 교통이 좋겠어요.  (Naeil choeun gyotong-i  chokesseoyo).  I wish for a good traffic tomorrow.


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