Finally Back

I am finally back to blogging.  Funny home my last post is about moving to a new hosting server and now I am talking about being back.  Yes, I hosted contents outside and I am now having problems getting a year worth of content back.  It means all the posts I made in 2012 are gone with the wind 😦

Big lesson, hosting outside may not be a good idea for leisure blogger like me.  I practically wasted quarter subscriptions and I miss how easy it is to mange my blog here in WordPress.

Please be back I have lots of things to post plus my 2013 visit to Seoul and Jeju.  After missing Korea in 2012 I was back last April 2013.  또 봐요!


8 Replies to “Finally Back”

  1. Hello!I’m ren from Philippines I’m one of your blog follower. I’m happy happy that you’re back now looking forward for more of your post about Korean. AjaH!fighting!:)

  2. Hi :33 This is meimei from India 😀 I am sorry to hear that the posts of 2012 are gone 😦 But I am really really happy that you are back!! Welcome back chingu!!! HWAITING!!!

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