My Favorite Korean Ramyeon (Ramen)

Funny but with  my last visit to Seoul, I took home 3 packs of this containing 4 noodles each.  I really did not mind the space it will eat from my baggage allowance because this is not available back in my home town.   I discovered this noodles during my 2010 visit.   At that time, Nikhun of 2PM was endorsing this noodles.  I bought a pack and regretted just buying one.  I super love the cheese flavor and average spiciness of the noodles.

치즈 라면 (Cheese Ramyeon) is something that i only found in South Korea.  I haven’t seen one from Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau or Taiwan.  I think 오뚜기 (Ottogi) is the only noodle company that carries this noodle flavor.  I am not sure about this but when i went to Lotte, I have not seen any  other brands with cheese flavor.  I enjoy eating this with soda crackers.   I also love that the noodles is slightly thicker than the usual brand of noodles in our local market.

Cheese is spelled 치즈 in Korean.  Sometimes i wonder why it was not spelled 치스 (cheeseu) in my opinion this is nearer to the pronunciation of cheese.   Nevertheless 치즈 라면 is worth a try, I wish the Korean stores here start to include this in their product line.


7 Replies to “My Favorite Korean Ramyeon (Ramen)”

  1. You’re a Filipino right? It maybe because we tend to read cheese with an [s] sound, while in English it’s really more of a [z] sound. Thus in Korea, they use the ㅈ instead of ㅅ. The sound of ㅈ in Korean phonology is the closest to the [z] sound, while in Filipino phonology, we don’t have the [z] sound, we also don’t have the [ㅈ] sound, thus the closest we have for [z] is the [s] sound, thus we read cheese with an [s] sound.
    Are they really not selling this anywhere in the Philippines? I would love to try this one after reading your post. I usually make my own Cheese Ramyeon by putting cheese on a regular Shin Ramyeon.

  2. Dear Jane

    This is Ottogi from Korea. Somehow we bumped into your blog and looked through your article you had posted on.
    What we have spotted out on your blog is Ottogi Cheese ramen. From reading out all you have posted on your blog about how you think about Ottogi Cheese ramen, we suppose you must be happy with the taste of our product.

    So, we would like you to please fill out spaces of survey which I have enclosed with link below.

    Feel free to tick and fill out the brief comment session in your spare time

    For your effort on this participation, we would like to present a small gratitude.
    We will inform you later when the new product is released in near future.

    Thank you for your constant interest of our product.


    Ted Lee


    1. Hi Ted! Thanks for this. I blogged about this product because I super like it 🙂 I have answered the survey link you sent but I am only familiar with Cheese Ramyeon and not the Tukk Bokki product. I hope this product becomes available here in the Philippines because there are other Ottogi product on popular supermarkets here. Thanks.

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