My Favorite Korean Ramyeon (Ramen)

Funny but with  my last visit to Seoul, I took home 3 packs of this containing 4 noodles each.  I really did not mind the space it will eat from my baggage allowance because this is not available back in my home town.   I discovered this noodles during my 2010 visit.   At that time, Nikhun of 2PM was endorsing this noodles.  I bought a pack and regretted just buying one.  I super love the cheese flavor and average spiciness of the noodles.

치즈 라면 (Cheese Ramyeon) is something that i only found in South Korea.  I haven’t seen one from Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau or Taiwan.  I think 오뚜기 (Ottogi) is the only noodle company that carries this noodle flavor.  I am not sure about this but when i went to Lotte, I have not seen any  other brands with cheese flavor.  I enjoy eating this with soda crackers.   I also love that the noodles is slightly thicker than the usual brand of noodles in our local market.

Cheese is spelled 치즈 in Korean.  Sometimes i wonder why it was not spelled 치스 (cheeseu) in my opinion this is nearer to the pronunciation of cheese.   Nevertheless 치즈 라면 is worth a try, I wish the Korean stores here start to include this in their product line.