Happy New Year Everyone!

I was about to post this last night right few hours before the clock strikes 12am of January  01, 2012 but my intermittent internet connection did not allow me to do so.  Instead it’s few hours before January 01, 2012 ends.

Anyway I would like to great everyone a Happy New Year.  2011 is indeed a challenging year and I can only hope for a better 2012.

As the kids said, ‘새 해 복 많이 받으세요!’  Sae hae bok manhi paduseyo actually means may you receive many blessings this new year.  This is somewhat similar to the typical English greeting ‘have a prosperous new year’

여러분 새 해 복 많이 받으세요!


3 Replies to “Happy New Year Everyone!”

  1. hi ms. Janey….by the way, I”m shan from the Philippines…I’m just curious, are you a Filipino?:)
    You know what ma’am, by reading this account, it makes me happy and excited to be in Korea..I really love to go there but my parents won’t allow me to leave the country as of now. I’m 25 yrs. old and the eldest in the family but still my parents treat me as if i”m 16, hehehehe…Moreover, I also wanna share to you that I really enjoy your stories about your experiences in Korea and the lessons that you’ve shared here regarding Korean cultures,traditions,vocabularies and etc. Hope that I can be there someday coz I am also a fanatic of Korean country though its not perfect but there are lots of things about them that I am so in love with….

    Thank you ma’am for this site, for it minimizes my sadness to be there and experience to stay there even for a short time.

    1. hi shan sorry to hear that. wow you are 25 and yet you are not allowed to travel? what have you done for your parents to be this strict? =) kidding aside, South Korea is a really good place to visit. i may be biased but i really love the country even if they don’t love me =P
      Yes I am Filipino.

      1. hi ms.janey, wow i’m happy that you were able to read and reply in my message, kamsa hamnida ms.janey….:) (am I ryt in using the phrase?) hehehehe….You know what, by simply replying in my message is really a great feeling for me coz I found someone who also understand my interest about Korea…hayyyyyy….I wish I could be there asap…My parents wont allow me to go abroad coz they dont want me to leave the country, for them being one of the professional citizens of the Philippines is enough to stay in their own country not considering that I also have other plans and wants in my life to experience and one of that is to be there is South Korea.. Anyway, Im sure by God’s will I’m gonna reach that dream..hehehehe…

        A Super mega thank you ma’am for your time and hope that this conversation wont be the last instead the start of our sharing of interest bout the beautiful country of Korea.:))


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