Freezing in Seoul

Just arrived in Seoul for a short vacation. It’s freezing here at -3 degrees celsius. I just love how efficient the transport system is going to and from Incheon Airport. As usual it’s Bus No. 6002 at Bus Stop 5B.

I might not be able to answer some question for now. The laptop I brought has no Korean IME installed in it.

Thank for all the greetings!

So beautiful in Seoul =)


3 Replies to “Freezing in Seoul”

  1. Welcome to Seoul! I stumbled upon your blog today because I was writing a little bit about Hangul today in my blog as well. I’m an english teacher here in Seoul and it’s almost time for me to end my contract and go back to the States. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I really wish I found your blog earlier, it would have been so helpful for me when I was first learning! Anyway, I’m going to read it now, it’s never too late to learn more!

    Such an awesome and INTERESTING website for anyone wanting to learn how to read Hangul! Thanks for sharing!

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