Vocabulary: Travel

It’s barely a week before Christmas.  People are busy shopping preparing for gift giving.  But right now my mind is already traveling to South Korea because it’s 10 days to go before i hit South Korea again =)

I love traveling and i won’t be bored or tired going back again and again to South Korea. So i thought of sharing what travel is in Korean, its 여행 (yeohaeng) as noun and 여행하다 (yeohaenghada) as verb that means to travel.

  • 다음 주 서울에 여행할 께요. (Daum chu Seoure yeohaenghal kkeyo)  – I am traveling to Seoul next week.
  •  서울 여행이  좋아요. (Seoul  yeohaeng choayo) -I like traveling in Seoul
  • 나도  서울 여행을 좋아해요. (Nado Seoul yeohaengeul  choahaeyo.) – Me too, I like traveling in Seoul.

Good thing they made it even more easy to go to South Korea by not asking too much document if you are an OECD visa holder.  More so, visa is gratis for Filipino traveling to South Korea for less than 60 days.

다시 한 번  서울에 좋은 시간을 보내고 싶어요. (Dashi hanbon Seoure choeun shiganeul bonaego shipeoyo)  Once again, i want to spend a good time in Seoul.


8 Replies to “Vocabulary: Travel”

  1. It’s not 여행 서울 [yeohaeng seoul], it’s supposed to be 서울 여행 [seoul yeohaeng]. Learning Korean is so much fun, isn’t it? I just started learning 5 months ago and TTMIK introduced your blog. Good luck!

  2. hello, iv’e been to other countries but not South Korea, how do i process my visa if i want to visit say, just for less than a week? thanks! =)

  3. I have the same question with aiyan. If I want to visit Korea for less than a week, how do I go with processing my papers? Thank you in advance! I’m also a Filipino and I love your blog. ^^

    1. Hi K! For us Filipinos you can apply via the Korean Embassy in McKinley. For the longest time I used to have my visa processed via agency and pay them 1500 for the processing. Actually visa is free for Filipinos for tourist visa type (staying less than 60 days). last year the agency increased visa application processing fee to 3000 so i decided to apply on my own. actually it’s very efficient in the Embassy. you just need to have the complete requirements ready depending on your profile. the visa is processed within 3 days, I applied Dec 15 and got the visa Dec 20.

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