Thank You TTMIK

I am so happy to know that Talk to Me In Korean visited my blog.  I am subscribed to their Facebook group account and this appeared on my news feed.

I know this blog needs a lot of improvement and those improvement speaks of the improvement that i need.

TTMIK 고맙습니다!

Vocabulary: Gift (Seonmul)

It’s December. Christmas starts when the month ends with -ber here in the Philippines. So it’s like an event slowly unraveling until it hits the 25th of the December. Actually Christmas is still in the air until the last day of the holiday vacation. This is the season when my head is filled with thoughts of 선물 (seonmul).

Isn’t it nice to receive one?  I think Christmas is celebrated more as a day for couples in South Korea rather than a family event like Chuseok.  In my country, it’s gift giving day.  Sharing your blessings to other people. I like receiving gifts that are functional, something that i can really use.

너에게 좋은 선물을 뭐예요? (What is a good gift to you?)