Half Way

I am halfway reading comments, approving and answering back.  Thanks for those who find this site helpful. To those whO are suggesting corrections thank you too sorry if I can’t reflect them ontime…. You guys keep me inspired on this journey.  However, can’t help but be pissed off with some readers who write comments like rewrite your entry. I do accept corrections although sometimes I don’t have time to edit entries. Please… I started blogging 2 years ago a lot of my entries earlier may have wrong Hangul spelling. Why? Try typing in your alphabet keyboard memorizing the Hangul counterpart of each letter and tell me how easy it is.  And do you know what learning curve means? It means I am no genius okay?!

I also did write about Korean Unmasked. What did I say about the book? opinionated and subjective, and so does my entry about it. For God sake this is a blog, not a reference site or your source of truth kind of thing.  This is because this is a personal blog and I am someone who is trying to learn too not an expert.

If you have differing opinion or review about Korean Unmasked, buy the book, read it and write your own opinion or review about it. Make sure you write it on your own blog and not on the comment portion of my blog entry. I can take comments about my broken Korean but to tell me to rewrite my blog because my review is wrong or incomplete it really pisses me off.  I am not competing with anyone’s knowledge here in Korean, Japanese or Chinese if you disagree or wanted to point out something feel free to do so but to ask me to rewrite my opinion it’s overboard.


8 Replies to “Half Way”

  1. hi ms janey, hwaiting! i hope to the highest heavens you will not be derailed by these negative comments, you are way far above them… please continue your journey, and tag us along with you…

  2. Hey! My name is Jennifer McQueen and I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and just started following it officially and I think you’re awesome! you have taught me so much already, even if its wrong WHO CARES? lol perfect is boring!
    ANYWHOO just thought you should know that your doing a great job on your own. Although I do have a question, where do you learn all of this information?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the nice word, glad you are learning from my leanings too. I read a lot and I attended two korean extramural classes at the university of the Philippines.

  3. I love your blog! I’m new to it, but have gone through quite I bit of it because I’ve just embarked on the journey of learning Korean!! I’m so excited and your blog is such a helpful tool! Don’t get discouraged because of a few bad apples in your bunch of readers. Keep it up!

    안영 from North Carolina, USA!

  4. HI, Janey –
    Just ignore them. There are fools and idiots all over the Internet (except, of course, for you and me). I drop into your site from time to time and have recently subscribed – I learn something every time I come here. I especially appreciate that people can write something in a completely wrong Romanization and you usually figure out what they’re going for. I’m learning Korean by osmosis – lots of K-Pop and dramas – and I hear things over and over but can’t really figure out the Hangul. You always come through and I’m able to find what I’m looking for. (Last week it was “arrasso” ). But now I’ve ordered a text book, so maybe I’ll actually get better at this. I appreciate all the help you give.
    고마워요 from Sunnyvale, California, USA

  5. Dear Janei,


    I feel sorry for you that you are in such a negative mood…What happened? Has someone left very negative remarks that struck you right in the heart?
    Please do not let those distract from what is close to your heart and remember there are a lot of followers (just like me) that think you are doing an awesome good job by writing this BLOG.
    Keep up the good work 😉

    네덜란드에서 크리스토

  6. hi guys thanks for this. really made me feel better. i just don’t understand why there are people who write comments as if i did something terribly wrong with my review. this is a blog and not a reference site. i really wouldn’t mind being corrected…but some people are insensitive. review is about opinion, it can be right or it can be wrong but it’s my opinion. people would go as far as asking me to re-write the entry or get your facts straight. this site isn’t math, 1+2 can never be 5 but global warming may not be as important as what it means to a person sitting right next to you. oh well just my analogy =D we all love Hangul and the Korean Language…화이팅!

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