Hangul Nal (한글날)

I am writing this post in celebration of Hangul Day.  The 9th of October is marked as 한글날 (Hangul nal) in South Korea.  According to Korean history this is the day when King Sejong proclaimed 훈민 정음 (Hunmin Jeongeum), the document that contains the writing system (sort of alphabet) for Koreans.

The North Koreans celebrate this during 15th of January and it is called 조선글날 (Choseongul Nal).  Based on some of my readings, in the earlier times Koreans are forced to write using the Chinese writing system but it was difficult for the Koreans to write their native words in Chinese. This is the reason why King Sejong tasked some scholars during his reign to come up with a writing system that will represent the words and sounds of Korean language.

In line with this, I am participating in the celebration of Hangul Nal being organized by the Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) online language site. I have been frequenting this site for up to date learnings on Korean and Hangul.  Together with my sister, we baked and decorated a cake to celebrate Hangul Day and sent it to HangeulDay2011@gmail.com.

You too can participate in this event by sending picture of your work of art with Hangul on it.  Check out the video message from 선현우 선생님 (Seon Hyeonwoo Seonsaengim of TTMIK)

If you are a Korean Language enthusiast your participation in this event will surely make a difference. Show Hangul some love =)


7 Replies to “Hangul Nal (한글날)”

  1. pls gve me d trnsltion of d ff:
    nareul ajikkajido akkijiman

  2. Hi, I’m just a passerby. Since Hangeulnal is not a holiday anymore, Koreans don’t really botjer to commemorate the day, which is a shame. It was a nice reminder. By the way I wanted to point out that Hangeulnal is a one word so it has to be written 한글날, not 한글 날. The same applies to 훈민정음. Spacing is a pain in the neck when writing Korean, isn’t it? Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi there! It’s nice to know that you were the one who baked the cake in the Hangeul Day photo exhibit by Hyunwoo son saeng nim. I sent my own photo entry too and I was so happy it got included. Your blog was mentioned on the TTMIK Facebook page recently. Keep up the good work!

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