New Page: Handy Expressions

I just added a new page called handy expressions.  I think these are the words which will come very handy especially if you just wanted to communicate immediately.  Of course these are basic phrases or expressions, to make complex sentences require a lot of knowledge in the language.  I will try to compile more =)


4 Replies to “New Page: Handy Expressions”

  1. You save me..!! I’m so happy to find your blog..!! Wanted to learn Korean so much but no money to attend lang school. I love kdramas n Kpop wanted to understand it w/o subbings. Can I ask qn if don’t understand.? ^_^”

  2. Hi Ms. Jane, I’ve been following you for quite some time now. You are very generous of your time and knowledge, God bless you always. Stay healthy and inspired… Thank you.

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