Out of Curiosity

I am happy to see people subscribing to this blog and those who are equally enthusiastic in learning Hangul (Korean) so out of curiosity,  I am wondering what drives you to do so.  Thanks for participating in this poll =)

3 Replies to “Out of Curiosity”

  1. I am really interested to study Korean because i really really want to study a new language and Korean it is. And i love Kpop. 🙂

  2. Hi!! I’m really happy that I came across this blog 😀 It’s one of the few websites I like that isn’t blocked at my school.. I want to learn Korean (or at least a few simple words) because I love K-Pop! and sometimes it’s hard to find some interviews in English subs 😐

  3. Hi Ms. Jane, I need to learn something new everyday to exercise my brain muscles, and your website is absolutely perfect for me. You make learning Hangul very interesting, because you yourself is very passionate about it, at least that is what i see here… Thank you for the inspiration.

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