Common Place Nouns

Whenever I watch Korean movies, drama or any TV shows,  I always hear these commonly used nouns.  In fact in many cases where I took taxi in Seoul, the driver always ends up asking me ‘여기? ‘.  These are the common words that that are indicative of location:

  • 이 (i) this
  • 그 (gu) that, referring to something  nearby
  • 저 (jo) that , similar to over there or something far from the speaker

Now if you add -기 after this words they become place nouns with exception of 이 which becomes 여기 (yeogi);  그기 (keugi) and 저기 (cheogi)  for the other two.

Sometimes it gets confusing when you try to listen to actual Korean conversation because you will hear 요기 (yogi), 고기 (gogi) and 조기 (chogi) apparently pronouncing the words this way add some sort of cuteness.  Well I am not really sure about how cute that is but hearing someone speak in Korean produces that pattern and rhythm that i love to hear.


6 Replies to “Common Place Nouns”

    1. yup that is true but i think i said the way it is pronounced is almost like 고기 but it’s not the right spelling.

    1. adding 지 to the word just makes it a noun =)
      it means here, there and there (something far away from both you and the speaker)

  1. Hello. Can u please romanize the words so they can make more sense to me coz i dont hav an app for korean characters. Gomawo

    1. which one do you need romanization? i am actually veering away from romanization as this is not a standard way to learn Korean.

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