I am Sorry (미안해요)

I didn’t realize that my comments  for approval would turn into hundreds.  I am starting to check each of them.  I have been so busy the past months that I have not been posting and answering questions.

Will try to update as well for those who are looking for one.  Really I am Sorry.


5 Replies to “I am Sorry (미안해요)”

  1. Hello ^^

    I’m your new fan here 😀 I’m learning Korean and found that your blog is very useful 🙂

    Don’t worry, since u’re busy,it’s okay. We understand that 🙂

    화이팅!!! ❤

  2. S’alright! I’m one of those who are really looking forward to updates from you.

    One little thing though. I would like to see a ‘Word of the Day’ regularly. Or even a ‘Verb of the Day’ with conjugations. It makes it easier for us who don’t have access to a dictionary, and it gives us something new to chew on!

    Looking forward to your wonderful updates!~ Have a nice un-busy weekend!

    1. hey hautalken thanks for that suggestion. that was a good idea. will post something like that every now and then. if i can’t post full i’ll probably just tweet the word.

      1. Thanks a lot! When I learned French at school, they would introduce a Verb and then conjugate it for us. So we picked up the basics very very quickly. I felt it might come in handy here too!


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