Common Expression

I have long been watching Korean dramas.  While everyone is addicted watching Grey’s Anatomy or Glee, I took my sweet time watching Korean dramas or movies.  For the past 2 years i think I have watched more Korean movies than a local or English one.

Since I don’t get to speak with a Native Korean and just exchange emails with some friends, I think watching Korean movies and dramas or listening to Korean songs would at least help me stay in touch with the language.  This way I get to practice pronouncing Korean words and expressions.

One of the most common expressions i think, which never fails to be delivered in most of the Korean movies and dramas I watched,  are these two expressions:

  • Fighting
  • Aja
Figthing is best remembered in the drama Full House.

In English, fighting would mean engaging your self in a battle, game or struggling.  You don’t hear it as a common expression unlike the way Koreans use this terms.  Fighting which is written as 화이팅 (Hwaiting) or 파이팅 (paiting) in Hangul is an expression that can translate to ‘go for it’.  It’s an expression that connotes encouragement.  When i first encountered this expression written in Hangul i looked for it in the dictionary and failed to find what it means.  Then i realized this expression is actually English.   So given that this is borrowed, romanization is not standard i get to see people writing it 화이팅 or 파이팅.

aja! aja! this one is used frequently in the drama Lovers in Paris

Another similar expression is 아자 (aja).  It is said with the same gesture but this one means more as ‘bring it on’.   Very slight difference in use but both connotes positivity — i can do it or i can make it  attitude.


어떡하죠?: What Should I Do?

Today is the first day of work after a long weekend.  Living in a Christian-Catholic dominated country, holy week is strictly observed as national holiday for repentance and reflection.  I may have been a shameless Catholic for having enjoyed the long vacation that started last April 1 for I have spent 75% of this vacation doing marathon viewing of some dramas I missed.

Someone asked if 어떻가죠 (Etteohkajyo) means ‘what should I do?’ incidentally this is one of the Official Sound Track (OST) of the drama i just finished watching last weekend.  It’s actually spelled 어떡하죠 (Etteokhajyo).  This is one of the songs from the light Korean Drama 미남이시네요 (Minamishineyo).  It  literally means ‘you are handsome’ but it was released with an English title ‘You’re Beautiful’.  I am loving this song specifically the one rendered by 장근석 (Jang Geun Seok).

This post is so random.  As it is right now, I want to fly to Korea for no reasons at all.  Reality is I would have to wait until December to be back *sigh*