Korean Fonts

This is my only post for this month.  My work life is getting busier each day and I can only find time to rest during weekends.   This post is in response to a query on Korean or Hangul font.

When you enable your PC to write and display Korean fonts, Microsoft office provides default font for free.  There are 3 fonts to choose from as follows:

There are many other Korean Fonts out there but unfortunately free download are found on Korean sites only, some websites in English offers font for a fee.  You can have a quick look at the different fonts available for Hangul by clicking this site.  Some of the links are broken though.  This site sells Korean Font but the price is something is worth 1 software already.

I guess Hangul is really such an art more than just an instrument to write in Korean, as most of the other fonts out are proprietary, you need to buy it to use it.

Of the free fonts from Microsoft, I often use Dotum i like it simple and smooth =)


9 Replies to “Korean Fonts”

  1. 안녕! Ano pa pong kailangang software para mainstall yung mga yun? Thanks po sa pag-update niyo dito sa blog nyo. Super thanks. 🙂

  2. just wanna share some info with you about hangul font. if you searching for cute hangul font, just visit this site soompi.com. There are many free fonts there. ^^

  3. Funny, I did a search about this the other day and yes, there are a zillion Korean sites that offer free fonts, but one has to look for them. I ran a search on Nate and Naver with “폰트” as keyword and you get lots of results. Still, I was looking for something along the lines of dafont.com, but I only found big commercial sites or mini-pages of designers in which you find like 3-4 free fonts. Still, it’s better than nothing.

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