Telephone Numbers: Say It Right

My first day in class in my Korean 2 one of my waterloos in studying Korean…numbers that is.  Anyhow, I think attending a formal class really helps you get through those difficult study points.   Well the big problem lies on memorizing these numbers to think that there is Native and Sino-Korean numbers (numbers borrowed from Chinese).

It was a surprise that in my first day of class, I was able to cope up with that challenge of memorizing at least the Sino Korean numbers.  Since Korean uses numbers based on what they are counting or stating,  I’ll share one practical use of Sino Korean numbers and this is when stating Telephone numbers.

공 (gong-0), 일 (il-1), 이(i- 2), 삼 (sam-3), 사 (sa-4), 오 (o-5), 육 (yuk-6), 칠 (chil-7), 팔 (pal-8), 구 (ku-9) and 십 (ship-10).  These are the basics although 십 will not be used.   So how do i say telephone numbers?

  • 711-3852 is 칠 일 일에 삼 팔 오 이
  • (0918) 922- 0448 is 공구일 팔 구 이 이에 공 사 사 팔

The dash in the number is denoted by marker 에 right before the last number. So you might be hearing numbers with ‘e’ sound when being dictated with phone numbers.


2 Replies to “Telephone Numbers: Say It Right”

  1. hi there! I’m Jinni and I’m a korean language learner! I think the native korean numbers are hard to memorize since it’s longer? unlike sino-korean^^ but don’t worry it takes time and practice and you’ll get them right away.

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