Happy New Year!

새해 행복하세요! (Sae hae haengbokhaseyo!) 복 많이 받으세요! (Bok manhi padeuseyo!)

These are some of handy greetings for New Year.  The first one literally means Happy New Year while the next one in most cases stands for the same meaning but it actually May you have many blessings or lots of fortune.

I am not the type who makes new year resolution which is very common in our country whenever the year is about to start.  It’s like changing something for the better.  I am not sure if Koreans have something like that.  Nevertheless I will really try to focus a bit more time in my  study of the Korean language so I will try to manage my time properly to allow me to study a bit more.   If  my schedule will permit, I will pursue Korean 2 classes on January 2010. I am crossing my fingers.

다시 한번 새 해 행복하세요!


11 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hello.. I’ve read your blog (Daily dose of Hangul). Anyway, I’m Marjorie. One of your blogs there, you mentioned that you studied Korean Language in UP, right? Just need your opinion, is the teaching ok? I mean, I’m trying to google up all the best school/language center for Korean, but can’t find the best one. ^^ (for example, for German – Goethe Institute, Japanese – Phil Institute of Japanese Language & Culture, Spanish – Instituto Cervantes..just like that..) If UP is good, I’m planning to enroll there.. or If you have any recommended school, that would be ok.. But based on reading your blogs, it seems that you’re very good in Hangul already..so enough to say, the teaching is good..If you have the best time, pls email me at heartful_sachiko@yahoo.com. much appreciate your opinion.. Thanks!! ^_^

    1. That is exactly the same problem i had to know which school will teach me like how we learned English back then. So far UP is the school that I know which has better course program. Classes will start this January.

  2. Hey wordpress. Happy new year ♥

    uhm, just wanna let you know that I bought a Korean book, like this looks like a pocket book. Do you have any website for Korean language? because I really like to learn Hangul language and all the expression. But I really, really, really like this website. I swear =) I hope you can reply to me if you’re not busy. Thanks idol 🙂

    1. Hi maureen! It’s also good to have one of those phrase books. In fact i had a lot of them because i tend to buy books about Korean language everytime i go to bookstores. in other words, i am impulsive =( but when buying the hard bound which i use as reference i researched for recommended one. So i decided to buy Elementary Korean and Continuing Korean for the advance one. I have links in this blog… i like the sogang website. apparently one of my links is no longer working the Korean Gov’t website for learning Hangul. There is this site LearnKorean.com which i frequently visit. 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (Happy New Year — literally it means have lots of blessing this new year).

  3. Well ya. I’m also looking for the elementary book of Korean, but the National Bookstore here has no available book for that. You know what, the reason why I want to learn Hangul is that, I really like Korean people. And I want to be “IN” o the, 🙂

    1. I bought mine in Kinokuniya Bookstore when I was in SG because its really hard to find these books in here but recently i discovered that Fully Booked in Rockwell has Elementary Korean and Continuing Korean. You can also check Fully Booked at the Fort.

    1. you can try google translate. there isn’t a perfect online translation but at least it gives you an idea of what the word or phrase is all about =)

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