Merry Christmas…

안녕하세요 여러분!

성탄절 잘 보내요! 요즈음 포스트  없어서 미안해요.  제 너무 바빴어요. 그리고 다음 년 포스트 자주  되고 싶어요. 모두 메시지하고 코멘트를 고맙습니다.   다시 한 번 메리 크리스마스.  우리 함께 계속 한국어를  공부할 거에요.


Hi everyone!

Have a Merry Christmas! I am sorry I have not been posting lately.  I was so very busy.  So next year i wish to post more.  To all those messages and comments, thank you.  Again  Merry Christmas. Together, let’s continue to learn Korean.


4 Replies to “Merry Christmas…”

  1. Hi,

    Your Korean is pretty good and I am glad to see there are people with huge interest in Korean language. There are a few comments that I can give you that I think it will help your skill shape better.

    “제 너무 바빴어요” = You can leave out 제 here (the subject is implicitly you). Or (my wife just commented me) you can use “제가” instead. If you want it sound better (better flow), you can also say “요즘 (제가) 너무 바빴어요.”

    “그리고 다음 년 포스트 자주 되고 싶어요” => It should be either “다음 해” or “내년” instead of “다음 년” (literally it is the same meaning, but Koreans don’t say 다음 년 really). Also the whole sentence makes more sense if you said “그러나 다음 해에는 더 많은 글을 올리고 싶습니다” or “그러나 다음 해에는 포스트를 더 하고 싶습니다” I used “그러나” because it makes more sense than “그래서” or “그리고”. The second suggestion is more of literal translation of your English version.

    “다시 메리 크리스마스” => “다시 한번 더 메리 크리스마스”

    “우리 함께 계속 한국어를 공부할 거에요” => “우리 함께 계속 한국어를 공부합시다.” “Let’s” becomes “~합시다.”

    Hope this helps a bit. ^_^

  2. Great Website, I noticed you don’t have any information on colors. It be cool to learn hangul words for colors, especially if you used your colorful header as a reference.

    Have a happy new years


    1. hi wok thanks for dropping by i will try to post about it =) honestly i have not been paying attention to that. recently i got this ipod application with flash card…colors were one of the most featured word…maybe should take memorizing them seriously.

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