Happy New Year!

새해 행복하세요! (Sae hae haengbokhaseyo!) 복 많이 받으세요! (Bok manhi padeuseyo!)

These are some of handy greetings for New Year.  The first one literally means Happy New Year while the next one in most cases stands for the same meaning but it actually May you have many blessings or lots of fortune.

I am not the type who makes new year resolution which is very common in our country whenever the year is about to start.  It’s like changing something for the better.  I am not sure if Koreans have something like that.  Nevertheless I will really try to focus a bit more time in my  study of the Korean language so I will try to manage my time properly to allow me to study a bit more.   If  my schedule will permit, I will pursue Korean 2 classes on January 2010. I am crossing my fingers.

다시 한번 새 해 행복하세요!


Merry Christmas…

안녕하세요 여러분!

성탄절 잘 보내요! 요즈음 포스트  없어서 미안해요.  제 너무 바빴어요. 그리고 다음 년 포스트 자주  되고 싶어요. 모두 메시지하고 코멘트를 고맙습니다.   다시 한 번 메리 크리스마스.  우리 함께 계속 한국어를  공부할 거에요.


Hi everyone!

Have a Merry Christmas! I am sorry I have not been posting lately.  I was so very busy.  So next year i wish to post more.  To all those messages and comments, thank you.  Again  Merry Christmas. Together, let’s continue to learn Korean.