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Couple of months ago, I have been reading about creating modifier forms — the basic ones.  It was really difficult.  As it is right now I still at times commit errors on the use of topic, subject, object markers and some other post-positioning.

Today, I learned about a noun that turns into a post modifier.  So this post is a combination of what I have learned on creating modifiers and a special post modifier function of a noun that is called 길 (kil).  This word  means road, way or street, here are  sample use of this word:

  • 에서 놀지 말아요  (Kileso nolji marayo) – Do not play in the street.
  • 무엇이에요? (Hakyoeseo kil mueshieyo?) – What street is that? or What is that way?

Last time I made a post on processive modifier -는 (-neun), yes it’s called processive modifier because it can only be attached to action verb and not the descriptive ones  (there is such thing as descriptive verb in Korean while in English we would normally call these words adjectives).   The word 길 following a processive verb in 는 form takes the sentence to a new meaning which is not really too far from the essence of street, way or road.   길 then renders a new pattern meaning ‘on the way’.

Just as I imagine, processive modifier in this use will from verbs like 가 (ka) or 와 (wa) which means go and come respectively.   So here are samples of processive verbs followed by 길:

  • Question: 어디에 가세요? (Eodie kaseyo?) – Where are you going?
  • Answer: 학교에 가는 길이에요. (Hakyoe kaneun kilieyo) – I am on my way to school.

Notice that one can actually also answer 학교에 갈 거에요 (Hakyoe kal koeyo) – I am going to school –which, I have learned to form during the time that I am reading about future tense of verbs.   So this new post modifier gives speaker an option on answering such question.    Here is another sample:

집에서 돌아오는  길에 휘성 가수가  만났어요. (Jipeseo dorawaneun kile Wheesung mannaseoyo)  On my way back home I met singer Wheesung.


2 Replies to “Back to Post Modifier Patterns”

  1. hi janey_bei.
    집에서 돌아오는 길에 휘성 가수가 만났어요.
    I like this sentence because İ love Wheesung

    1. 그래요? (really) nice to meet someone who like wheesung as well here =) i really like that Korean Singer.

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