Want vs. Like

A year ago when I started the difficult battle of learning Korean Language, i seek refuge with websites that offer Language Exchange Partners which I fondly called my LEPs.   I had a few and they come and go.  One of the earliest question I asked was how to express ‘i would like to…’   At that time I learned about -고 싶다 (-go shipda) verb which is used to express wish, desire or want.  But one of my LEPs told me to use the verb 좋겠어  (jokesso).   He told me this is commonly used because -go shipda can only be used to express one’s (first person sentence).  I was confused then.

One’s desires, wants  and wishes are expressed by using the auxiliary verb -고 싶어요 (-go shipeoyeo).   To say someone other than you desires, wants and wishes  to… -고 싶어해요 (-go shipeohaeyo)  is used.  However to say someone likes something, one can use 좋아세요 (choaseyo) or 좋아해요 (choahaeyo).

Here are some sample application:

  • 비빔밥을 먹고 싶어요.  ( Bibimbapeul mokko shipeoyeo) – I want to eat bibimbap.
  • 친구는 비빔밥을 먹고 싶어해요. ( Chinguneun bibimbapeul mokko shipeohaeyo) – My friend wants to eat bibimbap.
  • 친구는 비빔밥을 좋아해요.  (Chinguneun bibimbap choahaeyo) – My friend likes bibimbap.

5 Replies to “Want vs. Like”

  1. can you create a “summative test” on (at least) every post you created so that we can, and you can as well, practice more korean expressions. thanks

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