Korean Wordbook for Beginners

A year ago when I got the chance to visit Seoul, I bought a handful of Korean books to help me learn the language fast.  I have not opened most of them except the culture  comic book.  Now that I temporarily stopped reading Continuing Korean to review my previous learnings, I took the time to open this small handbook called Korean Wordbook for Beginners.  Its a Korean-English wordbook but it doesn’t have romanization which I really don’t mind.  One language adviser once said that to be able to learn Korean, one must get rid of romanization. Instead, the focus should be on reading and writing in Hangul.

The book is relatively cheap. It only cost me 4800KRW or less than 5USD.   It contains common Korean words used.  It has synonyms and antonyms which I find really helpful in making the right choice of word.   It also has example of the word’s use written in Korean without any English translation so it will somehow challenge your proficiency.

I appreciate the appendix as well as it contains collection of words commonly used in expression like Question Pronouns, Conjunctive Adverbs (normally used to connect 2 sentences), counting units or marker, number, colors and a lot more.

Here is a collection of Question Pronouns:

  • 어느 / 어떤 (eoneu/eoddeon) – which
  • 어디 (eodi) – where
  • 누구 (nugu) – who
  • 누가 (nuga) – who as subject
  • 무엇 (mueo) – what
  • 무슨 (museun) – adjective form of what
  • 언제 (eonje) – when
  • 얼마 (eolma) – how much
  • 얼마나 (eolmana) – how much, how long, how many
  • 어떻게 (eotteoke) – how, by what means
  • 몇(myeot) – how, what
  • 왜 (wae) – why

11 Replies to “Korean Wordbook for Beginners”

  1. hi janey_bei! 🙂
    it’s my first time to visit your page…
    i’m really into learning the korean language…
    “super” is the word for my eagerness to learn this language…(and of course writing the hangul as well)…
    anything about korean…
    i’m really fascinated about korea in general and through your page i can now learn korean…
    it’s a big help!
    kamsahamnida…i hope i got that right…haha

    1. thanks for dropping by a comment. goodluck on your Korean Language study… i hope we both advance well in this endeavor.

  2. one more thing janey_bei my friend will soonly be celebrating his birthday i want to greet him in korean…please help me…i wonder what to tell him since i’m just starting to learn the k-language…please do send me an e-mail…thanks so much!

  3. Yes, you’re right, when I learnt Japanese, I try not to depend on romanization too much. now I can read quite a number of hiragana, katagana and kanji, whenever any book/songs or comics with romanization, I’ve the problem to read it, is because I already get used to read the actual Japanese words.

    My elementary Korean class is going to start next week, I self-study hangul from internet (koreanclass101 and busyatom), I find Japanese is much easier than Korean (of course not kanji), I hope I can master the hangul as fast as possible.

    Jenny (9 July 09)

  4. hey dude…i just wanted to say thnx so much 4 puttin this up…and i kno how mmuch peeps appreaciate the work and other stuff that u post here…so yeh…just wanted to say thx…i just started learnin 2day and im really eager to speak korean fluently and also write the Hangeul correctly…ahha..nywayz im pretty happy abt it and i find it really fun so far i can only write my 1st name…haha..nywayz thnx again and yeh..no words can explain how thankful i am to you for puttin this up..keep it up dude


  5. Hey!! Thanks so much for posting this up…I’m really into Korean series right now and it frustrates me how I have to read the subtitles all the time!! So, it was a good way to get me going in learning the language…Also I have heaps of Korean friends and sometimes they’d speak in Korean and I wouldn’t be able to understand them…But now though, they support me and I tell the to talk to me in Korean so I can practice as well…Komapseumnida, Seosaengnim!! 😛

  6. Hi, your spelling for the second-last Question Pronoun in your list is wrong. It should be 몇 [myeot] — not 먗, which would be romanized as [myat].

    And 왜 is pronounced as [wae] — there’s no [o] sound in it 🙂

    1. thanks i misspelled them really my bad…my PC doesn’t have the korean characters printed on my keyboard so i memorized the corresponding letters to each hangul character. and just like when you misspell in English i also commit the same errors in hangul. Thanks anyway.

  7. hi
    I’m korean student.

    남한사람 들려요 ㅋㅋ
    다른 한국인있으면 정말 반가울듯
    그냥 구글검색하다가 왔네요
    저 내년에 호주가요~
    호주에 있는분들 저보면 아는척해주세요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    good bye~

  8. its my first time in this page i want to learn Korean language bc i love it I hope i will able to get more interesting and useful information through ur page thank you

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