No Post for 2 Days

I was out of town for two days and I missed posting during those times.  So I am trying to catch up with my readings and learnings.

내가 세부에 가기 때문에 포스트를 없었어요. 그리고 미안해요.

2 Replies to “No Post for 2 Days”

  1. Wow, are you actually in CEBU?

    I am sorry, for my MANNERS.

    I should have introduce myself first, I am Jerremiah, and I am studying the Korean Language and I found your website Funtasamazing, really COOL!

    I am so happy to bumped into your site, I think I will enjoy learning Korean this time, I am studying Korean for about a year already, but I am so poor, I mean it is just so difficult to study.

    But I like how everything is written in your site.

    I just LOVE IT!!!! (taedani kamsahamnida!!!) and another thing I am poor in Spelling Hangul…very poor, but I will study hard.

    Thank you very KAMSA….. hihihhihi

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