More Use of (으)ㄹ 수 있어요/없어요

The expression plain base+ㄹ 수 있어요 or 없어요 which means can or cannot <verb> also corresponds to the meaning of plain verb expression whether positive or negative.  Only, the pattern conveys possiblity and or ability.

The expression ㄹ 수 없어요  (-l su opseoyo) also means the same as the negative expression 못 followed by verb as in the case of 갈 수 없어요 (kal su opseoyo) is the same as 못 가요 (mot kayo); the first expression meaning cannot go and the second one emphatically means cannot go (sure that the person cannot go).

Here are some applications of this verb ending:

1.  내일 후에 시험  집에 갈 수 있어요. (Naeil hue shiheom jipe kal su isseoyo).  I can go home tomorrow after the exam.

2.  오늘 아침 도서관에 올 수 있어요? (Oneul achim dosogwane ol su isseoyo?) Can you come to the library this morning?

3.  새 가방이 볼 수 있어요? ( Sae kabangi bol su isseoyo) Can i see the new bag?

4.  동생이  파티에 갈 수 없어요. (Dongsaengi pati.e kal su opseoyo) My younger brother cannot go to the party.

5.  내가  바뻐서, 이메일 답장을  보낼 수 없어요. (Naega papposo, email dapjangi bonael su opseoyo)  I cannot send my email reply because I am busy.


3 Replies to “More Use of (으)ㄹ 수 있어요/없어요”

  1. 안녕하세요. 우연히 이 곳을 찾았어요. ^^
    I was impressed with your passion. gl2u !!
    well, I found a thing that need to correct. 1st one is a little bit strange, actually, it’s wrong.
    ‘내일 시험 후에 집에 갈 수 있어요.’ is better.
    ‘내일 시험이 끝나고(면) 집에 갈 수 있어요.’ is the best.
    If u have any Q about Han-gul or Korean something, mail me. I’ll help u (but, my Eng is not good lol)

    1. hi jason thanks for dropping by a comment… i posted this late in the evening after office… yeah i guess i messed with the particles there =)

  2. wah ,, i was Research about this gramar ^^””

    and i understand it now ^.^

    any way im learing hangul right now ^^

    and sometimes i have Qs and i don’t find the answer can i take your e-mail ^^

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