Get or Become with Verb+져요

Another useful auxiliary verb I have learned today is 져요 (jyeoyo) which means begins to be or gets (to be) when added to a verb in  infinitive form.  It is actually an abbreviation of 지어요 (jieoyo).

It is added to descriptive verbs in infinitive form to form a processive verb compound.  Here are some examples:

  • 좋아요 (choayo) is good –> 좋아져요 (choajyeo) gets/becomes better
  • 나빠요 (nappayo) is bad –> 나빠져요 (nappajyeoyo) gets/becomes worse
  • 바뻐요 (bappeoyo) is busy –> 바뻐져요 (bappeojyeoyo) gets/becomes busy
  • 더워요 (deowoyo) is hot –> 더워져요 (deowojyeoyo) gets hot, warms up

Similar to particles, the auxiliary verb 져요 when added should be spelled without space making it part of the entire word.


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