Another Use of 기 with 전에

I am getting pretty excited each day reading my Continuing Korean although i am beginning to think there are some wrong references probably due to some proofreading errors, I find the new lessons very enriching.

I have been using this word 전에 (chone) which I know means before but little did I realize it can be used with plain base in 기 form to mean before [someone] does or did or will do.  The format is absolute its plain base in 기 + 전에.  I said it’s absolute because the tenses are handled at the end of the sentence or the final verb.

Here are some examples:

  • 노래방에 가기 전에 수업을 공부했어요. (Noraebange kagi chone sueopeul kongbuhaesseoyo)  I studied my lesson before going to karaoke.
  • 노래방에 가기 전에 수업을 공부할 거에요. (Noraebange kagi chone sueopeul kongbuhal keoeyo).  I will probably study my lesson [first] before going to karaoke.
  • 조안이 자기 전에 우유를 마셔요. (Joan.i chagi chone uyureul masyeoyo) Joan drink you milk before sleeping.