Any Base of Verb + 기 때문에

A new phrase I learned today is still in relation to verb in -기 form.  This is, as the title of the post says, any base + 기 때문에 (ki ddaemune) would mean by reason of , or because one does/is or did/was or will do/will be.  

The Korean word 때문에 right before a noun means ‘because of the noun’.  As i previously learned 기 added to a verb base makes it ‘noun-like’.  So it’s just but logical that anybase of the verb followed by 기 and 때문에 would mean the same.  Here is an example: 

학교 때문에 못 갔어요. (Hakyo daemune mot kasseoyo). Because of school I was not able to go.  학교 is the noun which as we all know is school.

Here are examples using any base of the verb+ 기 때문에.  The 기 in the verb does it, so it technically means  because of ‘noun-like’:

  • 오늘 떠나기 때문에 파티에 못 가겠어요.  (Oneul ddonagi  ddaemune pati.e mot kakesseoyo). Because I am leaving today, I won’t be able to go to the party.
  • 비가 왔기 때문에 방학이 재미 없었어요. (Biga owattgi ddaemune banghaki chaemi opseosseoyo)  My vacation wasn’t fun because it rained.
  • 당신은 이것이 읽기 때문에 행복해요 (Dangsineun ikoshi  ikki ddaemune haengbokhaeyo).  I am happy because you are reading this.

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