Difference Between (으)러 and 서

One of the first verb endings I learned is the purposive type (-으)러.  When i was starting to learn Korean I was so curious on how statements can be constructed because I am always reminded by the fact that verb is the most important part of it.  I was asking my self what if  i need to use two verbs?   The use of the purposive verb for that moment relieved me with such problem.  Now two verbs can exist in a sentence .  

The purposive verb (으)러 and the recent verb ending I learned which is -서 are almost the same in use.  This is how I found out the difference: 

  1. 친구를 만나러 상가에 갔어요. (Chingureul manareo sagange kasseoyo.)  I went to the mall with the purpose of meeting a friend.
  2. 상가에 가서 친구를 만났어요. (Sagange kaseo chingureul  mannasseoyo.) I went to the mall and met a frined or I went to the mall to meet a friend.

The two sentences seems to mean the same on the onset but if you carefully check on it you will notice that the first statement doesn’t tell you if the purpose has been done or accomplished.  Unlike the second sentence which emphasized more on meeting the friend than going to the mall.

I am beginning to love Continuing Korean more, i like it that the uses of these verb endings are given more details now.


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