Negative –고Form

Verb in go form can be formed 2 different ways.  First is to add the -고 to the negative verb as shown below:

  • 사지 않고 (saji anko) does not buy
  • 사지 못 하고 (saji mot hago) can’t buy
  • 가지않고 (kaji anko) does not go
  • 가지못 하고 (kaji mot hago) can’t go

The second way is to put  -고 to the right after the verb that has been negated the short way:

  • 안 사고 (an sago) does not buy
  • 못 사고 (mot sago) can’t buy
  • 안 가고 (an kago) does not go
  • 못 가고 (mot kago) can’t go

Here is an example:  점심을 안 먹고 학교에 빨리 갔어요. (Cheomshimeul an meokko hakyeoe palli kasseoyo). He did not eat lunch and then hurriedly went to school.


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