Continuing Korean…Greater Pursuit

Yesterday’s post marks the end of my goal to read from cover to cover, Elementary Korean. I am finally done reading this book after almost 1 and 1/2 years.   I promised my self to make a review of the said book and this going to be one of my goals side by side reading the sequel to that book entitled Continuing Korean.

When I started reading the book sometime in late August, I knew this is the book that will answer my questions in mind on the intricacies of the Korean Language.  Withouth much thinking I decided to buy the sequel book in Singapore in a Japanese book chain –Kinokuniya.

Though I bought this book long time ago, this is the first time that  I am opening it.  I browsed through the table of contents and instantly found happiness seeing some of the usual word endings that I hear from Korean conversation like -는데 (neunde), -면 (myeon), particle 야 which continues to tickle my mind on how it is used, to name a few.

I am twice as interested in reading this book as the first one but it doesn’t mean i’ll be shelving the 1st book for good.  I will still go back to Elementary Korean and refresh my mind once in a while of the simple topics and rules that it taught me for over a year.

Continuing Korean, you will be my ‘Twilight’ in the next coming months.  Feed my curiosity and hunger to learn Korean.


4 Replies to “Continuing Korean…Greater Pursuit”

  1. hi, im wondering if you can tell me the author of Elementary Korean? i’d really like to buy the book..i’ll probably order it on Amazon. it’s so hard to find good reference books in the bookstores here in Canada

  2. oh! found it. its continuing korean. sory mustv missed dat part. my mistake. tenks for ur post eniwei ^_^

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