Continuing Korean…Greater Pursuit

Yesterday’s post marks the end of my goal to read from cover to cover, Elementary Korean. I am finally done reading this book after almost 1 and 1/2 years.   I promised my self to make a review of the said book and this going to be one of my goals side by side reading the sequel to that book entitled Continuing Korean.

When I started reading the book sometime in late August, I knew this is the book that will answer my questions in mind on the intricacies of the Korean Language.  Withouth much thinking I decided to buy the sequel book in Singapore in a Japanese book chain –Kinokuniya.

Though I bought this book long time ago, this is the first time that  I am opening it.  I browsed through the table of contents and instantly found happiness seeing some of the usual word endings that I hear from Korean conversation like -는데 (neunde), -면 (myeon), particle 야 which continues to tickle my mind on how it is used, to name a few.

I am twice as interested in reading this book as the first one but it doesn’t mean i’ll be shelving the 1st book for good.  I will still go back to Elementary Korean and refresh my mind once in a while of the simple topics and rules that it taught me for over a year.

Continuing Korean, you will be my ‘Twilight’ in the next coming months.  Feed my curiosity and hunger to learn Korean.