Mild Suggestions Using 지요

The suppositive verb ending -지요 (-jiyo) is also used to convey mild or casual suggestions or commands that set a tone of how about? or why don’t you?

  • 여기 얹으시자요. (Yeogi anjeushijiyo) Please sit here.
  • 자, 먹으시지요. (Cha, mokeushijiyo) Well then, why don’t you eat?
  • 이제 음악을 좀 듣지요? (Ije eumakeul chom deudjiyo?) How about we listen to music now?
  • 학교에 기차로 타고 가지요? (Hakyoe kicharo tago kajiyo?) Why don’t we take the train going to school?

Please note that when making use of this verb ending in a command statement, it is normally accompanied by honorific marker, so it will be (으)시지요 or (으)시죠.

Another thing to consider is that when answering a question about yourself,  you don’t use this verb ending instead use the regular style


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