My daily hits is increasing, it may not be thousands in day but the mere fact its increasing, I am happy that little by little people visit and learn while I learn too.

I love receiving comments too and questions, it sort of test what i learned from reading and from attending extramural class on Korean Language.   Thank you for the words of encouragement it keeps me inspired from posting and continuously learn 한국어.

다시 아주 감사합니다!



7 Replies to “THANK YOU!”

  1. i am filipino too lol~~ i guess you are living in korea? sorry this is my first time to visit your blog..but i will come regularly now

    i found your website through a Google search…one of the top links if not the top one…congratulations!

  2. i didn’t realize that. thank you though for dropping by. yes i am a Filipino but i am staying here in the Philippines. i am just trying to learn Korean =)

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