Welcome 2009!

It’s 2009  and i have been running this blogsite for over a year but less than 2 years now.  There are times that I could barely update.  It doesn’t mean i have stopped learning but there are really moments when I am too busy with other important matters (like my work).

This year, i wanted to raise the level of my learning by being able to speak and not just read and write.  That would mean doubling the effort in reading and writing so i can master.  I wish to learn and keep in mind more korean words.  I am done with my Korean I class so i will probably enroll to Korean II if my schedule would permit. 

To all who bookmarked my site and have been dropping comments, 감사합니다!  Reading comments inpires me to go on in this journey.  Please keep me company…다시 감사합니다.


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