Something Good or Liked with 좋아요

It’s good to be back blogging, it’s been a while since I last posted.  This verb is something that I learned first even before I studied about 한국어 (Hangug-o) and 한글 (Hangeul) further.  I like this word because its about expressing one’s appreciation of something that is good or something that is liked.

The word is 좋아 (choh.a) it is a descriptive verb which means ‘good or fine’ as such this verb takes a subject.  The subject of the sentence is usually marked with particles -이/-가 (-i/-ga) or -은/는 (-eun/-nun) there are previous posting about this particle.  There can only be one noun involved as subject of this verb.  Example:

  • 이것이 좋아요 (I koti choh.ayo) or ‘This is good’ when translated in English.
  • 그 사람이 좋아요 (Ku sarami choh.ayo) or That person is good

When it is used in this form 좋아해요 (choh.ahaeyo) it becomes a processive verb and can now take direct objects marked with particle -을/-를 (-eul/-reul).  There is likewise an earlier posting about this particle. In this form this verb means to like an <object>. Example:

  • 이것을 좋아해요 (I koteul choh.ahaeyo) or ‘This is liked’ if transferred literally but it can also mean ‘I like this’ since subject of sentence is usually dropped in Korean sentences. 
  • 그 사람을 좋아해요 (Ku sarameul choh.ahaeyo) or ‘That person is liked’ but can also mean I like that person.

So if you can be bold (that was a strong word hmm maybe strong?) enough to say you like someone, you can simply say 너를 좋아해요 (Noreul choh.ahaeyo) or you can actually drop 너를  and just look straight to the eyes of the person that you like 🙂

한국어를 너무 좋해요! (Hangugeoreul neomu chohahaeyo!) I like the Korean Language so much.


3 Replies to “Something Good or Liked with 좋아요”

  1. janey_bei unnie
    please help
    please tell me these sentences are true
    i like korean language hangugmareul choayo
    korean language is good hangugmari choahaeyo

  2. can you please translate these words.. please!eeeeeeeee. thanks

    jeoneun hangug salanghaji anh-a.
    dangsin-eun geugeoseul sayonghaneun jayu.
    nan danji geudeul-ui eon-eoleul gusahaneun bangbeob-eul algo.
    ya, achim-eul meoggo

    1. though i can say what some of the romanized words are i can’t figure out the other.

      jeoneun hangug salanghaji anha – i (blank) love korean. dont know what anha is. if this is anayo then it could mean I don’t love korean. not sure about this.
      achim-eul meoggo – eat your breakfast

      sorry this is all i can come up with those sentences.

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