Verb Ending -(으)ㄹ래요

I am introduced to a new verb ending today which is -(으)ㄹ래요 or [eu/l-raeyo].  This verb ending means any of the following expression:

  • I wanna <verb>
  • feel like <verbing>
  • I’d prefer to <verb>

Attached to base of verb with final consonant is -을래요 (eulraeyo) and for based of verb with final vowel -ㄹ래요(lraeyo).  Example woul be:

  • 나는 서울에 갈래요 (Naneun Seoure kalraeyo; this means I wanna go to Seoul)
  • 나는 비빔밥을 먹을래요 (Naneun bibimbapeul mokeulraeyo; this means I want to eat bibimbap)

This verb ending is preferred when asking question rather than -고 싶어 which forces the answer to be yes or no.  It likewise serve as gentle suggestion.  Please also note that this verb ending is attached to the unextended ‘l’ verb such as 살래요 (salraeyo) which can either mean want to buy or want to live.  In such cases the meaning of the verb can be derived based on context.


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