I Miss You in Korean

Aside from Happy Birthday and I Love You, perhaps the next most requested translation from English to Korean is the phrase ‘I Miss You’.

The most common way to express this is 너를 보고 싶어요 (Noreul bogo shipoyo) literally translated as I want to see you but it does mean I miss you.  One can also say 너를 그리워요 (Noreul kuriwoyo) which translates directly to I miss you.

You can replace 너를 (Noreul which means you) with the name of the person that you miss.

Missing someone? Go tell the person you miss him/her in Korean =)


273 Replies to “I Miss You in Korean”

  1. its 내가 보고 싶어요?
    Naega bogo shipoyo?
    in a conversation just change the tone into question like. You can also drop ‘yo’ if its intimate conversation (tlaking to someone of your same level)

      1. the -고 싶다 can take either a subject or an object. you just turn it into a question…

  2. what do you mean by bogo ship da?
    does it translate as i miss you?
    or does it mean ” i miss” [ ‘da’=me, right?!]

    1. bogo shipda means wants to see.
      bogo coming from boda (to see), go is actually part of auxiliary verb shipda.
      -go shipda means want or wish to.

  3. Shouldn’t hanguki(a) {not sure if theres a line because it’s too light} be hangukmal to say its korean language?

  4. hangukmal means korean language too since mal means language but hangugeo (한국어) is commonly used to refer to Korean (as in Korean language).

    1. 괜찮아요? (gwaenchanayo?) are you okay?
      the answer maybe the same 괜찮아요. minus the rising tone it means i’m okay.

      잘 지내요 (jal jinaeyo?) is another way to say it but it means ‘how are you?’. it literally means are you good?

      1. it means alright or okay. sometimes just saying it would mean asking someone if she/he is alright or good.

    1. 보고 싶은데 bogo shipeunde
      means I would like to see you. as i mentioned bogo shipoyo literally means want to see but it actually means i miss you.

  5. Choa!!… your blog really makes me want to learn Korean again.. Thanks !! ^_^ almost give up due to time constraint..

    Please keep it up! you don’t know how much you inspire all new learner like me..

  6. hello.

    how do u say “OK” in korean? i watched several south korean movies lately and i think it sounds something like: aras-suh.. something like that..

    iv also heard it being used to mean “got it?”

    id like to know the exact word and how it’s spelled in Enlish.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. 알았어 (arasseo) is actully past tense of verb 알다 which means to understand. So arasseo would mean ‘understood’. in some context of a conversation of course it can mean ok (i got it) or ok (i understand). Okay in Korean is 괜찮아요 (Gwaenchanayo). thanks for dropping by.

      1. sometimes i heard they say arachi or something like that. is it dialect?

        so as bobo n popo n pupu
        and i cant remember what else..

      2. it’s not a dialect, 알아지 (arachi) means something like…you understand it (more than a question its like suspecting the person understand what you said). i think what you hear is 뽀뽀 (Ppo-ppo) which is actually kiss. although Koreans now also often use the word 키스 (kiseu) or kiss when they want to say it.

      3. 알았어 (arasseo) means understood or i got it. it’s not the same as bogo shipoyo. it is mostly likely a reply to someone who said bogo shipo (i miss you or i want to see you) it would then mean i know.

      4. hey thanks..

        so how do u say “damn” or “damn it” in korean? that seems to be their favorite expression.


        good luck with your classes. 🙂

      5. i am not good at curses =)
        but i think dam it is –> 젠장 (Chenjang) or 젠장할 (Chenjanghal)

      6. haha.. thanks anyway.. 🙂

        ya i also often hear “arachi.” nd do u know of any site where i can find a list of good korean movies. they make really good tearjerkers and art films and i really like the tone of their language..

        its like twice ng lambing ng ilonggo dialect, know what i mean? hehe..

      7. hehe.. thanks anyway.. 🙂

        ey do u know of a site where i can find a list of good korean movies. they make really good tearjerkers and art films, and i really like the tone of their language.

        its like twice ng lambing ng ilonggo dialect, know what i mean? =)

      8. Here are links to the websites I DL Korean movies from:

    1. i don’t know hoe Korean can be learned easily. it really takes some passion and patience to understand it. Me too is 나도 (Nado).

    1. 좋아서 (choaso) means ‘because something is liked’ while 좋아해요 (choahaeyo) means something is liked or good (it just need an object. it’s the same verb with different use.

    1. Some books have CDs to let you practice pronunciation. Elementary Korean and Continuing Korean both have CDs. I am not specifically aware in detail of any application that teaches Hangul… well I heard about Rosetta but saw a lot of feedback that its pricey.

    1. i wrote this based on what i have learned so please check with another Korean if you may so….
      나 너를 사랑하는 왜 했어요? (Na noreul saranghaneun wae haesseoyo)
      This translates to why did I love you?

    1. 학교 hakyo – school
      집 jip – house
      저에 관한 jeo-eh gwanhan – about me
      i am not sure what you mean by peers i mean the relationship but if its friends then is should be 친구 (chingu)
      기억 kiok – memory
      수영 suyeong – swimming

      1. hmm base on wat i learn haksing means also student. arachi??ahaha just asking & to make sure if wat i studied is also correct

    1. best wishes is 최선을 기원합니다 (choeseoneul giwonhamnida) not sure about saying wish you all the best in Korean.

  7. hello! i want to learn Korean language.. may someone please help me, how do you say ” she’s cute and charming” in korean…. thank u for helping me..

  8. .aha.
    .i wAnt t0 learn h0w t0 speAk in k0rean.
    .its c0ol!.
    .naega miteo cutie gurl!.

  9. hi! this site is amazing.. anyways i just want to ask you.. how do you say “i MISSED you.” there is a MISSED in english language right? i’ll be happy if you could help me…

    1. if you make it past tense it would mean something like i wanted to see you.
      보고 싶었어요. (bogo shipeosseoyo – i only hear this in songs though)

  10. if someone has passed away and i want to talk to her/him in heaven…
    how to say :
    how is your life in heaven?
    are you fine over there?
    thanks a lot

  11. helow…
    can i ask something about
    korean langauge? aahhhmmm…
    wat is da translation in korean
    the words
    you are so handsome,
    youre welcome,
    i miss you??

    1. i think i already made the translation of i miss you in this post.
      you are welcome is 천만에요 (cheonmaneyo)
      you are handsome is 너를 잘 생긴이에요 (noreul jal saengkinieyo)

    1. 너를 보고 싶을 거에요. not sure about it but this, though this is how you write it future tense.
      i think its still good to say 보고 싶어요 (bogo shipoyo).

  12. its is right to write “i miss u but i can’t love u” = 너를 보고 싶어요 미안하지만 사랑 못해요… thanks a lot

    1. it reads to me like i miss you. sorry but i cannot love you.
      i think you can also write it this way:
      보고 싶지만 사랑 못해요 or perhaps
      보고 싶어요. 하지만 너를 사랑 못해요

  13. hi i really like this post. im learning a lot. truly. thanks for it. i love koreans 🙂

    can you help me translate.


    🙂 keep helping us 🙂

    1. 아이디어 좋아요 –> means good idea or can be like the idea
      아이디어를 좋아해요. –> means i like the idea.
      굉장 –> awesome

      1. hi sorry but i don’t understand Hangul. can you translate it into how you pronounce it? I’d appreciate that. thanks. also. im quite confused with

        CHAL JI NAE
        JAL JI NAE

        which one is correct? sometimes im confused on how they should spell it.. like do we have to use J OR CH instead.

      2. 잘 지내 both romanizations are okay but if you follow the government standards in romanization its supposedly jal jinae. The pronunciation of ㅈ is the same as j in the word jam.

    1. i don’t know which you are referring to
      조세 (jose also spelled sometimes as chose) – tax
      초세 (chose) – i don’t know this word googled it and returned transgenerational

      anyway maseyo means do not so i meant do not tax.

    1. mollaso is from word molla which means i don’t know and so is added to either mean and or because or since…depends on how it’s used in the statement.

  14. hi! i really wanna know what’s

    “chae ga ne choa hae andwue?”

    the girl i just confessed to post this letters on her twitter..
    i know ‘choa’ is ‘like’ in english..
    so i really wanna know.. thanks before 🙂

    1. chaega is I
      yes choa is like
      but andwue is no or mean cannot be
      i cannot reconcile the ne it must be no which mean you rather than ne.
      I cannot like…ne

      1. so, the meaning of that sentence was

        “I cannot like you?”

        well.. okay,
        thank you anyway!
        that explains why she’s trying to avoid me this past month..
        thank you! :’D

      2. oh sorry to hear that…but it has a ? on the end so its sound like — I cannot like you?

      3. yeah, apparently she was in a struggle.
        but yeah, i would’ve known the answer..
        thank you so much janey_bei!

  15. ‘ hai I’m a filpina ..I want to learn more about korean language ..if you dont mind , can you teach the basic words of korean?

  16. hi! can you help how to trnslate this in korean language…
    Hi there how are you?we really enjoy you that been here in philippines
    ..i miss talking,singging,laughing and bible sharing with you…hope you doing well there,and take care always…i miss you friend

    please help me to translate this in korean i will be sending a letter to a friend of mine living in korea./
    thank you so much

    I am interested in learing korean language..
    hope you can help me..thank you once again

    1. 안녕하세요. 잘 지내요?
      hi. how are you?

      우리가 당신은 필리핀 방문에서 재미 있었어요
      We had fun in your visit to the Philippines

      너와 함께 말하는하고 노래하는하고 웃어하고 성경을 공부하는 하고 싶을 거예요
      I will miss talking, singing, laughing and bible study with you.

      널 보고 싶어요.
      I miss you.

  17. Can you please translate to me the following statement?

    “There is nothing to fear my friend. I will always be here for you. No matter what lies ahead, have comfort in the thought that I will always be here.”


  18. Wow!!
    This site is perfect for me, who’s been desperately looking for ways to make learning Korean easier…

    Today, I try using some expression in Hangul.
    I say 너를 보고 싶어요 to my Korean student and she replied me 저도요. What does that mean? Gomawo…

      1. Ohh…My! Thanks million! Anii.. I should say.. Jeongmal kansahamnida! are you onni or oppa??

      2. 괜찮아요! (Gweanchanayo) welcome
        저는 여자예요 (Choneun yojayeyo) i am a girl

  19. wow.. i really love this blog/site!!!!..i think its the best blog i’ve seen that teaches korean language.. i think i can really learn basic or even hard korean words or phrases here.. 🙂

    thanks thanks!!!! 😀

    more powers to you @janey_bei-unni(just assuming ’cause i dont know if im older or younger than you.. hehe)!!! ^^

  20. can u help me translate this, thx so much >.<

    naega jago sip-eo , hajiman baeuja leul seontaeg hago naleul wonhaneun salam ege geomsaleulbad-eul sigan-i pil-yohabnida …..

    1. since i am not a native speaker i can’t understand this well but i will try..
      naega jago shipeo – i want to sleep
      하지만 배우자를 선택하고 나를 원하는 사람에게 ** 시간이 피려합니다
      i tried to write it in Korean and i can’t seem to figure out geomsareulbadeul. the statement i wrote in hangul represents how i understand what you wrote from hajiman onwards. it means but chose a spouse (or partner) and its time to look for that person to me. but this can be inaccurate because i don’t know what geomsareulbadeul is. sorry i don’t know if i was of help.

  21. i watched “my GF is a gumiho” and there’s a part that the girl said (i miss you so so so so so so so so much – in english subtitle)..please translate it to korean..

    *the part “so so so so so..”,the word i heard is nomonomonomo..is nomo = so or very?

    thanks alot:D

    1. and one more..how will you say ” i love you so so so so so so much” in korean..

      im really glad i found this blog..so much to learn about 🙂

  22. hi, can you tell the difference between “niga bogopa” from “bogo shiposeoyo” .. is this somewhat the same? thx btw.

      1. coz i saw “niga bogopa” in a song translated by ” i really miss you” .. but i think they’re using different words with same meaning. thanks.

      2. one of my korean friends told me they seldom use niga in spoken korean. niga means you and this form is normally used on poetry and songs, he said.

      3. oh, useful information. thanks. but can u tell me what they’re using to tell “you” in korean besides “niga”?

      4. you can be expressed by saying the actual name of the person this is preferred. other way to refer to ‘you’ is 너 (neo) and 당신 (dangshin, more polite way than the first)

      5. oh now i know. thx. uhm what is the meaning of “imnida”? like this “My name is Kaiser” said it like ” chonun kaiser imnida” ..

      6. 입니다 is can be observed on formal style of speaking in Korean. This is usually attached to the verb and act as verb endings to denote the style as such chonun kaiser ieyo would also mean the same only the style is casual polite.

      7. ah verb endings, ieyo is much shorter 🙂 wouldn’t u mind if i ask another one? “nanun diga” whats that suppose to mean?

    1. It’s 생일 축하합니다 (Saengil Chukhahamnida) if you are close with the person you can say Saengil chukhahaeyo.

  23. I subscribed this blog because its soo cool. I know how to write and to read hangul, but I don’t know the meaning. I already post in your other thread but I want to ask now.

    Ahjussi – uncle or mister
    Ahjumma – aunt or miss

    Em I right? 😡 How you do it when hangul? 😡 Seems my keyboard are no korean words/letter
    Can you translate it with hangul (romanization/word)

    I will always love you Lee Seung Gi
    Good Night / Good Evening
    Good Morning
    Good Afternoon
    Happy Birthday

    1. if you are really eager to learn Korean you have to study it using Hangul, i discourage romanization simply because I am not expert in the language yet so some words i may not be able to understand if romanized.

      1. Saengil chukhahae, saengil chukhahaeyo or saengil chukhahamnida all means happy birthday

      2. thnx for answering..
        can u write my name in korean ?
        knch lhnn
        yoon ji hye
        and pls translate this in korean …

        i love jill cinco ?

      3. knch lhnn –> this is hard to write in korean no vowel. also i cannot translate names but i can write the korean name you mentioned

        윤지혜 (yoon ji hye)

      4. thnx for answering..
        can u write my name in korean ?
        knch lhnn
        yoon ji hye
        and pls translate this in korean …

        i love jill cinco ?

      5. umm… pls ..

        park sung hye pls write it in korean.. 🙂 thnx a lot ! kamsahamnida !


    1. 보고 싶어요 (bogo shipeoyo – i miss you)
      사랑해요 (saranghaeyo – i love you)
      너를 마음에 항상 있어요 (noreul maume hangang isseoyo- you are always in my mind)

      1. haiixt .. butz itz okey .. btw .. THANKZ you …
        i have another question .. you can translate in english ?.

        Ice-cream sarang dugeundugeun sangsang
        Dalkkomhan seolleim salsal noga deureo
        Haengbokhan sungan ppajyeodeuneun hweuimang
        Dagawa neukkyeobwa my see less love

    1. Lovin Ice Cream, pitapat, pitapat, imagine
      Sweet flutters, it melts in slowly
      Happy moments, hope of being absorbed
      Come closer~ Feel it, hmmm~ My sweetest love

      The meaning of:
      Ice-cream sarang dugeundugeun sangsang
      Dalkkomhan seolleim salsal noga deureo
      Haengbokhan sungan ppajyeodeuneun hweuimang
      Dagawa neukkyeobwa my see less love

  24. just download one apps from android phone..in android market.. learn Korean lite (for starter ) just basic in communicate.. i hv one and i learn it..i got it.. we can ask our master sifu here ”janey_bei” for a hard one.. i wish this page jz hv a korean letter not this alphanumeric..huhuhu.. one day..

    ddo bwayo..mannaseo bangawoyo jal gayo… momjosimhaseyo.. go ma sseum ni da (~,~)’

  25. Hi. What is Where are you in korean? and one more thing isnt it Komapsumnida is thank you in formal speech.. the informal one is komawo.. so what would probably be my basis in shortcutting a korean phrase?

    1. yes 고맙습니다 (Gomapsumnida means thank you also like kamsahamnida)
      where are you is ‘Odi isseoyo?’ (어디 있어요)

  26. Hello!
    Would you mind translating this sentence into Korean for me?
    “Would you mind watching it? Jaejoong is looking at my pen. Please watch it and…hwaiting for the next episodes of ‘Protect the Boss’”

    Thanks a lot in advance ^^

  27. WOW! i like this site.
    but can i ask one thing?
    do you know a site where i can learn a lot of korean words??
    please.. ^__^

    tnx! 😀 god bless..:)

  28. ,would you translate ” i miss you too and i love you too my friend” in korean??

    ..please sent me back!!
    ..thank you..

    1. 나도 당신을 보고 싶고 사랑해요 (I miss you and I love you too) do you really want to emphasize ‘my friend’
      나의 친구 보고 싶고 사랑해요 (I miss you and I love you my friend)

  29. I’ve learned so much with your blog !

    I can now read, write and speak in korean !!

    Thanks for helping us, janey_bei!
    you’re the best :))

    Godspeed. ^^

  30. wow!this blog is cool!would you mind if i ask how to translate you’re the one for me in korean??thanks a lot! i jotted down words that catch my interst..hihi

  31. Hi there , janey_bei !
    How do you write my name in korean ?? I’m mellanie .. please response back to me .. Thanks in adnvance ..Godbless you .. :))

  32. Also, i wanna ask you something ? Do i got it right ? ” 사랑해서 미안해” ( saranghaesso mianhae ) would actually mean :” I’m sorry if I Love You” in English ?
    i need your answer .. thanks .. 😀

  33. Please so very kindly, guide me to the correct saying in Korean of ” I almost forgot how to talk to a pretty/beautiful lady since i dont get to see you anymore.”
    Thank you in advance.

    1. i am not confident with this suggestion it may sound too bookish but you can try
      드물게 볼 수 있어서 예쁜 녀에게 말하고 어떻게는 잊었어요 (because i rarely see you, how to talk to a pretty lady i forgot)

  34. Hi, I’d like to ask something hope you can help me out with this. 😛
    How do you say in Korean “I’m looking for my boyfriend, Anybody know where he is?” Thank you so much.

    1. 내 남자 친구에게 보고 있어요 (i am looking for my boyfriend)
      어디 있는지 아는 사람이야? (anyone who know where he is?)

    1. 노르마 (noreuma)
      마커반 (makoban) –> you may want to ask some other people how to best write this since usually r is not really well enunciated
      이브라힘 (ibeurahim)

      1. awesome…thank you janey_bei:)
        how to say “how old are u?”, “do you love him/her?” in korean..please:)
        i really appreciate wen u translate it!:)i want to learn korean language:)

      2. 몇 살이에요? Myeot sarieyo? (how old are you?)
        넌 그 사람을 사랑하고 있어요? Non gu sarameul saranghago isseoyo? (do you love that person?)

    1. watch first Korean movies and shows, so you will have an idea how’s the pronunciation. Then try to buy a dictionary, to have a knowledge to some words.just do it little by little.

      1. Hi Janey_bei.. how will you say “i really really really like you” in korean language,, thanks so much 🙂

      2. hi janey_bei.. how do you say “i really really really like you!” in korea.. thank you so much 🙂

  35. i really love korean language & its really fun to learn this language,i also love korean movies…☺☺☺ saranghe♥♥♥

  36. How do you say “I still miss you a lot”?
    Also, I think I read somewhere that “I miss you so much” is “많이 보고싶어요”. Is that correct? It’s so different between that and what you taught “나도 너무 보고 싶어요”. What’s the difference?


  37. is this site still active? dont see recent post.. but thanks to you janey_bei, i think ive learned many words today..

    hoping you’re still here.. 🙂

    1. yeah sorry about that i don’t post often these days as i was busy with work and spends time watching K-Drama that i do not have time to update the site.

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