Tentative Questions in Future Form (으)ㄹ까 해요

Previously, i have learned the use of the verb ending -(으)ㄹ까요.  This post is about its cousin in the form ㄹ까 해요 [(eu)lkka haeyo].  This verb ending involving 까 means thinking of doing thus-and-so.  See example below:

  • Question – 요즘 피곤해요? (Yojeum pigonhaeyo?  – Are you tired lately?)
  • Answer – 네, 시골에 좀 쉬러 갈까 해요 (Ne, shigore chom swiro kalkka haeyo. – Yes, I am thinking of going to the countryside for a rest)

해 (hae) being versitile can mean ‘does’ and sometimes as an auxilliary verb ‘is’ can also mean thinks.  See examples below:

  • 세 시쯤에 먹을까 해요 – (Se shijjeume meokeulkka haeyo) I am thinking of eating at around three o’clock.
  • 서울에 갈까 해요 – (Seoure kalkka haeyo) I am thinking of going to Seoul.
  • 테니스를 칠까 해요 – (Tennisreul chilkka haeyo) I am thinking of playing tennis.

This way (으)ㄹ까 해요 can be regarded as the equivalent of I’m thinking or shall I {verb}.