I Love You in Korean

This is one of the frequently asked question in Yahoo Answers, how do you say ‘I Love You’ in Korean’?  Well the most common way to say it is:

사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo) but intimately this can be simply said — 사랑해 (Saranghae). You may also hear it uttered this way 너를 사랑해 (Neoreul Saranghae) or 너를 사랑해요 (Neoreul Saranghaeyo).  Note that 너를 (neoreul) is added which is actually 너 (neo which means you) and the object particle 를 (reul) so the word you becomes the object of the verb Saranghae.  This is oftentimes dropped specially if you are talking directly to the person which makes ‘you’ obvious during conversation.

You may probably heard of 사랑합니다 (Saranghamnida) which is the formal version, well this is not commonly used during conversation.  As mentioned in previous post verb ending -ㅂ니다 is formal polite, the style that you use for formal conversation.  This however is widely used in some songs.


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      1. 슈퍼 주니어 너무 좋아해요. (Super Junior nomu choahaeyo). This literally means i like super junior a lot. i just think it sounds a bit off to say
        슈퍼 주니어 사랑해요 (Super junior saranghaeyo). I think the first would also somehow mean I love super junior.

      2. 사랑합니까 if in question tone would mean do you love me? If part of phrase could mean because I love

    1. it would be better to say his name
      씨 저와 결혼할 거에요?
      sshi chowa kyeolhonhal koeyo?
      or you can use sunbae (to mean someone senior)

    1. 나도 너를 사랑해요 – Nado neoreul saranghaeyo. this when someone says i love you and you want to reply i love you too. literally this means ‘Me too, love you’. So it is reciprocating once statement.

    1. hmmm this is the problem with romanization, you can’t figure out the exact word but i think you mean 좋아해요 (choahaeyo or joahaeyo). This means ‘I like you’ or something is liked or good for the person talking.

      1. hmm. well, I think you could be able to, by seeing which sounds right and which doesn’t?

        here’s some info I found while doing a quick search.

        However to say someone likes something, one can use 좋아세요 (choaseyo) or 좋아해요 (choahaeyo).

      2. This is true for common words but nevertheless it always best to see the actual words in Hangul. Right you use 좋아세요 if you want to mean someone esteemed likes something or someone. 좋아해요 is used to express your own thoughts and can take direct object.

      3. I wasn’t saying anything about using Romanization. I just copied all that from a site, ok? but since we’re on the subject, Romanization can be helpful at first, to know what the letters are in English.

  1. How to say I love you jae joon oppa?? Is it like this: Jae Joon oppa saranghae… And how to write it in hangul?? Thanks

    1. you can check the kinship terms link on the right side for complete list. 오빠 is how you write oppa in Hangul =)

  2. how do u write “won young oppa, i like you.”
    would it be like… “won young 오빠 너를 좋아세요” ?? am i even close to right? >.<
    someone please help me!! thaanks!

    1. 원영 오빠 좋아요 (won yeong oppa choayo). i am not sure with spelling of name but most of 영 is used in name than 용 yong. Romanization differs for names.
      오빠 너를 좋아세요 means Won Young Oppa likes you in an honnorific manner. you can drop the 세 if you talk intimate unless otherwise. 너를 is you as object of sentence. if its you who like won young, you may use my suggestion.

    1. i think this is the closest spelling of the name jeremias in Korean — 제리마야스 (jerimayaseu)

      1. how about EDEL ANNE?..please answer!!:)) I’m really eager to learn korean..but it’s a bit too hard especially how to speak their language..

    1. if its intimate conversation (like saying this to your boyfriend or girlfriend) saranghae would be best. Saranghaeyo is polite though, if your boyfriend is a little older than you then this can be used but if you are speaking intimately then sarangahae would be better.

  3. how would you write “i love you nick” in korean symbols?by the way,your site is so amazing!its saved on my computer!

      1. please .. what is the trans. of this name .. ? DALYN CAVILLION .. ? PLEASE.o3
        .. i really really want to know .. (+_+)

    1. 조심해서 다녀와요 (choshimhaeso danyeowayo) or you can simplay say anneyonghi kaseyo which means goodbye to someone leaving but it literally means be well when you go.

  4. annyeong, can i ask..
    how can i right this into hangul if i say:
    ” Tiffany unnie, Nomu Saranghae?? ”
    & ” Deanne unnie, nomu “” ??

    please include the romantization..
    thanks.. ^_^
    i’ll wait for your reply..

    1. 티파니 언니 너무 사랑해! (tipani eonni nomu saranghae)
      데안 언니 너무 사랑해! (dean eonni nomu saranghae)

  5. how can i say “good day too” / “good morning/afternoon/night too” in hangul?
    what is the proper using of word “too” in hangul?

    1. hi aaron to greet back someone you simply say 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo) this greetings is not time sensitive. but to ask if someone had a good day then you can say 하루에 잘지냈어요? (haru.e jaljinaesseoyo?). to bid someone a good night for close friends you can say 잘 자(sleep well) but for someone older or for esteemed persons you should say it 잘 주무십시오 (jal chumushipshio).

      too may be seen in different forms in korean 또한 (ddohan) is one example 또 (ddo) can also mean too but usage of these more often gears towards ‘in addition’ to what has been said or cited. you may encounter 도 attached to a noun that would mean too. like when you hear 나도 (nado) means me too. that is so fr what i know.

    1. i haven’t heard anything like that. 세 is used as honorifics but it’s not used to express your own feelings likewise it should be used in the base form of the verb like 가세요 (Go or you may go –> saying this to someone whom you are asking to leave). it should be 사랑하세요 or 사랑해 to someone you are intimately close.

  6. hi1 what does…”namja cheoreom” mean..???
    i know that ‘namja’ means a ‘man’, but what exactly the word ‘cheoreom’ means?

  7. .oh..and another follow up question:..when we sat ‘kidari’ that means ‘wait’ or ‘wait for’ right? but if the word is ‘kidarinuende’,what does it mean? i mean, what or how does it affect the meaning of the word ‘kidari’,,’onuende’,,’inuende’…

    please answer my questions…

      1. oh..!thanks very much for the reply..,ahmmn, another question: what does ‘moreugesseo’ mean..?, and,’hokshi’ too…, can you please tell me what does this words mean..?

  8. I love your site! 🙂 I’m very interesting in learning Korean but I have no background in it at all. I was wondering if you could tell me. . How hard is it to learn korean? In general? For someone who only speaks english? I really want to learn it but it seems almsot impossible.

    1. It’s really difficult. i always wish i am talking to a native speaker every now and then. But if you really want to learn then you really have to have the patience. It’s not impossible but it’s not gonna be that easy.

      1. yeah its true…learning korean/hangeul isnt very easy as you think…its quite difficult but somehow its pretty ENJOY:)

        :miss lonely:
        anyeong higaseyo:(

  9. how did you learn Korean? did you have a tutor? please help me, i am going abroad to korea to further my studies but i have a very hard time learning. do you have any ways to learn korean fast? this is the most basic phrase i know

      1. janey_bei where was that extramural class located ?? i really wanted to speak korean but i don’t know where to go .. i’ve been reading a lot of books about the language but it’s not that easy when you’re only reading the romanization and you don’t know the exact meaning .. PLEASE i need your REPLY :)) thanks a lot !

  10. Hi, Janey. How do you write and say “Thanks for being such a great friend in Korean? Much appreciated! saranghae ❤

  11. how can you write in romanization and hangul “happy birthday and i love you?”, coz i want to greet my best friend in his birthday in that way..And i want to make a birthday card using hangul but i dont know how:) Thank You! your site is very amazing i have learned so much:)

      1. Can i ask how to write my name in korean language…. My name is ..UNI NOFIASIH

  12. i love your website! =) thanks so much!

    can you help me how to write “flying kiss” in korean?
    i wanna say flying 키스 하다 but i don’t know the word flying kiss in korean.

    and also, is it possible to translate for me “Please look at my camera!”

    thanks!! i need this urgently >_<

  13. please tell me how to say i think im falling in love with you in korean? please! i have a korean lover but he dont speak english 😦

  14. how about, I STILL LOVE YOU? how can i translate it in korean? and how do you write it?

    thank you very much! ps. i love your blog! 🙂

  15. How would I say “I love you” to a daughter or honorary daughter (in other words: not romantically)? I got a little confused by the different ways to say and write it. Thanks!

    1. last what? last love? below literally means i want you to be my last.
      나의 마지막을 되고 싶어요 (naui majimakeul dwigo shipoyo)

  16. hi there! nice work on the web. i bookmarked it. i really want to learn hangul & live in korea. & you inspired me alot 🙂

    nomu nomu nomu chowa. i hope i got that right, hehe 🙂

    1. you can just say 너무 너무 사랑해! (nomu nomu saranghae). I don’t know what other emphasis can be made on it.

  17. Hei.. I want to write my name in hangul, my name is laila.. Can u help me to write it in hangul?
    and I wanna ask..
    What does saranghanikka mean?
    I often find that word in korean song.. 🙂

    1. 라일라 (laila)
      사랑하니까 -saranghanikka means because i love you. when it’s followed by a question mark it can mean do you love me? or do i love you depending on the content of the entire message.

  18. Okay.. I can see that most of the people here are ELFs just like me.. LOL~
    슈퍼 주니어 사랑해요

  19. Hello. I have started to like the korean language. This site is really nice. How do I write my name in Hangul? My name is Mei.

  20. mmm…
    can you help me…
    I wanna know my name in hangul…
    my name is “Maya Soraya”…
    and how about “eunhyuk” in hangul..
    By the way, your site is really great!!
    thank you so much…

    1. 마야 (maya)
      소라야 (soraya)
      은혁 (Eunhyeok) –> i think you are referring to Super Junior’s Eunhyuk this is is how his name is spelled in Korean.

  21. hello there janey_bei .. i would just like to ask if you could show me the characters in hangul of the phrase ” geu namja umnida ” .. i really wanna know how it’s being written .. i’ll be waiting for your response .. KAMSAHAMNIDA !! ❤ ❤

      1. yeah .. u’re right .. it’s ” geu namjaimnida ” and not umnida .. thanks for ur reply .. know i know how i should right that korean phrase !!

        jongmal kamsahamnida !! :))
        u’re a really big help 😀 !

  22. Hangul does not have the character to pronounce alphabet ‘f’ right?? hence, should it be replaced with ‘p’?? as in my name? Looking forward for tour reply. kamsahamnida~ ^___^

    1. 은혁이 너를 진짜 사랑하네요 –> Eunhyeoki noreul jinjja saranghaneyo. its as if saying you know or heard that Enhyeok really loves that person.

  23. OK SOOO I definitely want to learn Korean from you! My friend Hyun Min left back home for korean, he was a foreign exchange student and he left me a letter in korean I didn’t want him to tell me what it said cause I want to learn the language and be able to understand it perfectly and speak it perfectly.

  24. Wow. This website is truly helpful. 🙂 Keep up the good work. And oh, I just want to drop a question: what’s the difference between “nae” and “na-ui?” and how will you know if a word is a verb? What should be the correct suffix for a word to be a verb? Thank you very much. God bless. 😉

  25. hi. i would like to know how the korean names are constructed. wat is the surname in this name… kim hyun joong.. please tell me about names for some have similarity from the other

    1. kim is the surname
      hyun joong is the given name
      normally they have two given names but there are cases where the given name is just one like 박봄 (Park Bom)

  26. I subscribed this blog because its soo cool. I know how to write and to read hangul, but I don’t know the meaning. I already post in your other thread but I want to ask now.

    As Korea Drama “My Girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox/gumiho” i really like the line “nomu nomu nomu nomu chuwa” But my classmate said its “Joa” and I didn’t trust her :))))

    And know i’m asking, is it joa? or chuwa?
    And can you translate to hangul the name “Karl” 😡 seems strange because i can’t write it with 2 ㄹ or ㄹㄹ .. can you help me? :)) THANKS !!

    1. its the same chowa or joa (좋아 ) it really depends on the romanization standards that you are using as for me i use the revised Korean romanization but there are some cases where i have to spell the word as what would must have using like 한글 is Hangeul in revised Korean romanization standard but a lot of people would refer it as Hangul.
      칼 (this is kal) it’s really impossible to have a smooth ‘rl’ sound in Korean like girl, curl. if you want to put emphasis on the r and l sound the way it will be spelled may be different and as a consequence the pronunciation differs as well 카를 (kareul) may sound a bit weird. this is due to some rules in writing in Hangul.

  27. Hi,

    Happened to come across your website while searching for a korean phrase and really like ya website…it’s really useful as a reference esp. your replies to all the various queries…
    Bookmarked & looking forward to your continuous updates. ;D

  28. Oh hi!! this is exactly what i WAS LOOKING FOR!! we’re doing a flash mob tomorrow! i wanna learn some stuff to say for the camera!
    How do i say these things?

    1.”Super Junior come to canada please”
    2. “I am waiting for you! okay!?^^”
    3. “I really really love u a lot!!”

    1. sorry i was a bit busy for the past days and only get to respond now.
      1. 슈퍼 주니어 카나다에 와 주세요. (Super Junior Canada-e wa juseyo)
      2. 기다릴 거예요. (Kidarril koyeyo)
      3. 정말 사랑해요 (Chongmal Saranghaeyo)

  29. how to learn easier? I want to visit Korea recently I have fallen in love with the place and wish to take a 2 month vacation here if I like the place I will like to live in it. How hard can it be ^^’ I speak 4 languages but i do realize it is not as easy as I think it is…

  30. hi, can you help me to translate in english of this hangul? (네 언니 정말요 !!) i can only read hangul but i dont know what is the meaning. hehe. hope you could help me :)) thanks a lot chingu 😀

  31. hi, can you help me to translate in english of this hangul? (네 언니 정말요 !!) i can only read hangul but i dont know what is the meaning. hehe. hope you could help me ) thanks a lot chingu

  32. hi there!. i really want to know the meaning of DBSK song “love is”.. im tryin to memorize it..but i dont know what it means kkk..your site is really helpful. hopin for your reply.. thanks! 🙂

  33. hi … i read all your reply .. i really learn a lot … can i ask something ? what does ”you still hurt me in romanization ? another thing can you translate my name in korean ? its ”kazzandra” thanks … by the way i love your site … 🙂

    1. 너 때문에 아파요 (i am hurt because of you)
      까잔드라 (Kajandeura) z is written as ㅈ in hangul as well which actually has the sound of j.

  34. can yah tell me about “i love you so much”? Miho (My GF is Gumiho) says “nomu nomu … joha” i like you so much.. what about “i love you so much”?

    1. 힘내요 (himnaeyo) this is how they cheer someone. if you are saying this to someone older say 힘내새요 (himnaeseyo)

  35. You’re really amazing! Gumawo! And while we’re at it, may I ask: What’s the difference between Gumawo and Kamsahamnida? The latter is formal?

    I also came across your website while searching for the meaning of neoreul. Last random question, what’s the easiest way to learn Korean and Hangul?

  36. for how long have you been studying the language ?
    i have only studied it for less than 2months and have never read a book about it since then .
    i can read and write hangul but can only speak a little of korean .
    can you help me know more ?

  37. Janey_bei i have same questions as @shineelove & @taem…What is ‘My Shining SHINee’in hangul?? pls answer me..:((

  38. Annyeong haseo! kekeke~ 🙂
    Tannia imnida from Indonesia :]
    Could you please write my name (Tannia and Tannew ^^) in hangul?
    Kamsahamnida! ^O^

    1. 널 그리워요 (Neol kuriwoyo) or 보고 싶어요 (Bogo shipoyo) can both mean i miss you although the second one literally means i want to see you.

  39. Your post was very helpful. I was wondering how do you spell America in hangul? Not as in the country. My name is America and I have been trying to figure out how to spell it in Hangul.

    1. genesis is a little hard to romanize this is my best effort 제네스스 (jeneseuseu). genesis pertaining to origin is 기원 (giwon) in Korean.

  40. i realy realy realy love this site its soooo helpful. 😀 ummm how can i say ‘u r the best’ in hangul + i wanna know how to write my name its rihanna thanks a lot 😀

  41. i realy realy realy love this site its soooo helpful. 😀 ummm how can i say ‘u r the best’ in hangul + i wanna know how to write my name its rihanna thanks a lot 😀 keep it up

  42. hello! i really need help with my korean essay. I don’t know if this sentence sounds grammatically correct. it should mean my stepmother loves us very much.
    새엄마는 많이 우리를 사랑합니다.

    1. 새엄마가 우리를 많이 사랑합니다. The subject is the mom so it should be Omaga. Do you mean new mom with 새엄마?

  43. hey ms.janey_bei…
    ahmmm…I really want to know on how to speak in korean…
    whats the hangul of:

    I want you to be my last love…and if it’s not YOU then I will never love again…

    1. 넌 나의 마지막 사랑을 되고 싶어요. I want you to be my last love.
      니가 아니면 사랑하지 않아요. Not so confident about this one, if not you I will not love.

  44. Hi!
    I’m going to get a tattoo with the name of my girlfriend, but I want the tattoo to say I LOVE YOU CYNTHIA. Please can you tell me like the hangul of that phrase?

  45. Hi ! i like your blog. very useful and i want to translate ” I miss you , although i get to see you everyday ” i have been finding for hours..can you help ? asap. waiting for your reply ! 😀

  46. 이홍기 오빠 사랑해

    is that the right thing to write/say when you want to say “i love you, lee hong ki oppa.” ?

  47. Your site is so helpful! Can you tell me what does cheongmal and eodi mean? by the way I used hangul in writing my name here. how do you read it, to make sure what I did is correct. Kamsahamnida! 🙂

  48. I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ve been looking for how to say this in Korean and I can’t seem to find the romanization… I know it means “I will always love you” (at least… it should…), but what would the romanization be?

    ” 난 언제나 당신을 사랑 ”

    Thanks in advance =)

  49. Hi! I found your site on google and I must say it is really helpful! =D
    My boyfriend is Korean and we are celebrating his birthday on Monday and I want to make him my own hand-written b-card but I want to write it in Korean since he is not vary good at English. Is it possible that you could translate this for me??? Would be extremely grateful!!!

    “Happy birthday to you my lovely An jeong un!

    These 79 days that I have known you have been the best days of my life! I hope to spend many more days, months and years together with you.
    You are the best thing in my life!

    I love you”

    Thank you so much!!

    1. 나의 미남 남친 안정운 생일 축하해요! (My lovely boyfriend an jeongun happy birthday!)
      우리 함께 항상 되고 싶어요. (I hope we can be together always!
      넌 나의 생활 최고 잘 하는 사람이에요 (In my life, you are the best person)
      사랑해! (I love you)

      Hi Sara this is the best that I can do.

  50. Hi, May I know what does ‘난 몰라요’ means in korean? Isn’t it suppose to be ‘I don’t understand?’ But when I googled translate it, it is ‘I do not know’

    1. 난 몰라요 means i don’t know but just like how 알아요 would mean i know and i understand, it could also mean i don’t understand.

  51. Hi! May I know what’s the different between ‘이름이 모아세요’ and ‘이름이 뭐예요’? Is it the same?

    1. hmmm 모아 means collect so the first would mean please collect the name while the other means what is your name? it’s not the same.

      1. Thanks a lot Janney_Bei….
        (if you could tell who are you…i mean Are you manager of this website??? it awesome and great work …..!!

  52. helLo ! this realLy heLped me a Lot in Learning korean ^^ by the way, can you heLp me transLate this name: korean . pLease incLude the romanization .

    by the way, how can I say: April loves you Kenneth ?

    `thanks you so much :]

      1. yey ! i tried to write it down in hanguL in my notes and I’m happy I wrote it correctLy :] thanks . I hope I’ll Learn how to speak in korean :] thanks for the heLp :]

  53. How about the name ROBERT ? I tried to write it down but I’m definitely sure that I wrote it wrong . I really don’t know how to write it down . OMO ! now I really find korean hard 😦 can you help me ? . please also include the romanization . It will may take me several years to learn it without attending korean classes. 😦

      1. 마르빈 (mareubin) but you can also write it 머빈 (meobin) r is sometimes ‘swallowed’ in Korean like when you suspend the r in the word more.

  54. Hi! Would you know what “nanoon dangshin il sarung hae-yo” means? I know it is something to do with i love you… thanks!

    1. not sure what borogo mean 보로고 있는데 (borogo exists). then its probably nomu (very), there is actually no si in Korean so you might be talking about 진짜 (jinjja) which means really or real. jeongmal is truth and jolte is definitely.

  55. Hi, can you tell me what is the meaning of sarang handa? Sometime I heard oppa said this sentence, what is the difference betwenn sarang handa and sarang haeyo?

    1. it actually means the same not sure how they are different grammatically. good question will try to find out.

  56. Hi, my korean friend that I really like, gave me a book. In the book cover she signed her name and then under her name she wrote: “사랑을 담아 ” and drew a heart next to it.
    My question is if there is a specific meaning of this way of writing Love You?
    Is this just a way a friend would write it or is it written more romantically?

    1. Hmmmm,,, It was suggested to me that, “사랑을 담아” is used in regards to a brother, sister or an object (like a phone). Is this Accurate?

  57. anyeongg!^^ how do u say my name {isabella} in hangul? :3
    and also how do you say this in hangul:
    chanyeol oppa i love you^^ looking forward for your comeback stage!! i love exo! :3

  58. 아 나 너 너무 좋아!!
    이렇게 긴 편지 받으니 기분좋다!!
    나도 영어로 쓰고싶은데 영어는 너무 어려워서 내가 하고싶은말을 다 못적어서 아쉬워!!
    나도 많이 사랑하고 늘 내 옆에서 날 지켜주고 아껴주고 사랑해줘서 많이고마워 . 사진 고마워 잘 보관할게
    아침에 눈뜨면 핸드폰 먼저본다ㅎㅎ
    벌써 보고싶다 사랑해 내사랑♥♥♥♥ can you translate this for me pleaseㅋㅋㅋ

    1. 아 나 너 너무 좋아!! there is space on this 아 나 not sure if this is a name because there shouldn’t be a space so i think this is Ana likes you a lot.

      이렇게 긴 편지 받으니 기분좋다!! I am happy receiving your long letters like this.

      나도 영어로 쓰고싶은데 영어는 너무 어려워서 내가 하고싶은말을 다 못적어서 아쉬워!! I wanted to write in english but english is so difficult

      the next line a bit difficult for me it’s like me too i love you and i want you to stay???? not sure on this.

      사진 고마워 잘 보관할게 – thanks for the picture i will keep them.

      아침에 눈뜨면 핸드폰 먼저본다ㅎㅎ – i look at my moblie phone in the morning.

      벌써 보고싶다 사랑해 내사랑 – i am already missing you my love.

      Sorry for the late translation and its a bit incomplete

      1. 엄마 나무 사랑해요. (Oma nomu saranghaeyo) or you can say (Oma nomu saranghae)

  59. In saying ‘I really really really like you kevin’ in korean, should I right -ah? like for example, “Kevin-ah nomu nomu nomu joha”

    1. For married couples 여보 (yobo) is how wife calls her husband while for unmarried ones, girls would call their boyfriends 오빠 – Oppa (if the boy is older than the girl) more cheesy ones would be 자기야 (chagiya) which means sweetheart or honey.

    1. 언녕하세요 주니어 (Hi Junior – annyeonghaseyo junior)
      생일 축하해요 (Happy birthday – Saengil chukhahaeyo)
      사랑해 (I love you – saranghae)

  60. Hello may i ask u somethings
    how to translate in korean do u love me, have u eating ur meals now?
    hug u?
    please help me
    can u also translate my name?

    1. 너 나를 사랑해? (Do you love me?)
      밥 먹고 있어요? (Are you eating you meal?) literally asking if eating his meal.
      hug is said as hug also in Korean

    1. -a/nikka is often used as formal way to ask question. its a verb ending. so saranghannika? could either asking someont do you love me or do I love you. well sseo is another thing its a verb ending in the past form. minus the -yo and -mnida the verb becomes informal past tense. hope I answered your question.

  61. what if a guy which is a friend of mine suddenly texting saranghaeee at the end of a conversation?
    does it kind of culture in korea..or actually kind of confession?

  62. hi 🙂 just wanna know the difference between chuayo and saranye ? or which one gives a deeper meaning ^^

  63. pls ^^ translate it: Hello i’m angel ^^ i created this story to share and explore my personal thoughts of love etc. and also this is my first wattpad story so no hates! ^^ and thank you.

  64. Hi..
    Can you help with below:

    How to differentiate between ” noreul saranghae & saranghae noreul”

    Which one is correct?

    Thanks ya.

    Frm .heonhee

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