1st Day – Formal School

After careful thinking and searching for a Korean Language School — I have enrolled my self in Korean Class 1 at the Univesity of the Philippines in Diliman.  This is my first day in a formal school to learn Korean and Hangul. 

I am just proud of what I have learned by myself.  The day 1 lesson is very basic and good thing I am done and over with it.  Its all about understanding the characters, vowel, consonants, some rules in writing and pronunciation. Exactly the same context in my Elementary Korean Book.  Looking at my recent entries, I have gone this far and decided to have formal schooling just now.  I don’t regret enrolling this late because it somehow gives me advantage to digest the lecture more than just worrying on understanding the characters. 

My fellow students were sighing and were really having a hard time with the characters and pronunciation.  I am truly looking forward with the succeeding lessons.  There are 4 courses and this is just 1 of the 4 so I am wondering if after completing the entire course — I can be just like my teacher who is not even a Korean but could fluently speak and write well in Korean.


6 Replies to “1st Day – Formal School”

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog (from wanting to learn about korean car plates, haha!) and I want to thank you for all the notes here. They’re a lot of help! I’m studying it on my own (plus I’m studying japanese at school too) so it’s a bit difficult. I wanted to ask what kind of things you learned after the whole course? ‘Cause I might go if it’s not already in your blog. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. I learned how to conjugate verbs and do simple statements i just finished two course i am still thinking if i can seriously take the 3rd course as i am a little busy now with work.

      1. oooh, i see. i am considering it. thanks so much! i hope you can continue with the 3rd course!

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